Increasing Your Lead Conversion Rates Using MQM

There is nothing more frustrating than getting leads, qualifying them, and then not reaching them. If you are spending the time finding leads and qualifying them, you should be able to close the deal.

Marketing qualified meetings (MQM) are a new approach to qualify leads. An MQM is a pre-arranged, face-to-face meeting with an identified decision-maker. This type of meeting can be an effective lead conversion tool. 

The key to creating MQMs is identifying the target market and finding out who makes purchasing decisions in their organization. If you can do this effectively, then your chances of increasing your lead conversion rates through MQMs will increase exponentially. You can know more about the basics of MQM here.

5 ways to increase lead conversion using MQM

Nurture leads

Have you ever wondered how to convert leads into paying customers? The answer lies in the proper nurturing of the leads. A lead nurturing process takes all of the leads you collect (via web forms, blog subscriptions, downloads, and so on), solemnizes them through the buying cycle, and identifies which ones are most likely to convert.

Marketing qualified meetings (MQM) is the new and better way to nurture leads. MQM is a simple but effective lead nurturing tool that helps marketers nurture leads and generate more sales. It also provides valuable insights into what your prospects expect from you so you can develop a strong relationship with them. When nurtured correctly, these meetings will increase lead conversion rates for your B2B business.

We, at FunnL, specialize in B2B lead generation and qualification services – a great first step towards increased revenue!

Include lead scoring system

A lead scoring system is a process of assigning numerical values to leads and then sorting them into groups based on score. Lead scoring systems are used by marketing teams to help sort through the large amounts of leads that are generated each day and identify which ones are most likely to convert.

MQM is an innovative way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by understanding what matters most to your target market. With the help of MQM, marketers can learn what their customer needs and wants from their product or service. 

It is a client-driven data discovery platform that empowers marketing teams to uncover valuable insights about prospects. The data they collect is extremely useful for evaluating leads and assigning points to them in a lead scoring system.

Capture the right lead information

MQM is a way for marketing professionals to ensure that they are spending time with the leads who have a higher probability of becoming customers. These meetings allow the marketer to speak face-to-face with their prospect about their business needs and gather the right information such as job title, industry, company size, location, or other factors from them to provide optimal services

The MQM process is a methodology that enables marketers to identify the right leads and provides salespeople with a concise set of questions for qualifying MQLs that have run through MQM.

Run data verification

MQM allows marketers to verify the accuracy of a lead’s contact information. This way, companies can be sure that they are sending emails and calling the right people who are interested in their products/services. 

Marketers need to develop an accurate list so that their marketing efforts aren’t wasted on uninterested prospects. MQM also helps build trust with your leads because you are taking steps to ensure that you have their most up-to-date information before contacting them.


Follow-up is a crucial element of sales. No matter what industry you’re in or who your clients are, it’s important to follow up with leads and potential customers. Ideally, you should follow up while your brand is still on top, but not so fast that leads feel pressured.

MQM allows marketers to effectively follow up and contact the leads to see if they have any questions about the product or service that you have provided. A lot of times, especially when it comes to B2B companies, people need time to think about what you are offering and will forget about contacting you until much later.  This is why following them can be extremely beneficial as it shows them how serious and interested you are in their business. If the follow-up is done correctly through MQM could lead to more contracts being signed and more revenue for your business.

MQM ensures that you always have an opportunity to make your pitch and convert every lead into a customer. FunnL is a company that specializes in B2B lead generation and qualification via SQMs and MQMs. We also provide a lead recommendation engine designed specifically for companies that want to improve their conversion rates, generate more qualified leads, and find the right prospects faster than ever. 

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