How will Inside Sales Digitally Transform the B2B Sector in 2021?

How will Inside Sales Digitally Transform the B2B Sector in 2021?

Everything is going digital now, including sales. Inside sales have emerged as one of the prominent revenue-generating activities of businesses. Technology has empowered businesses to leverage its benefits for successful inside sales operations. It’s hard to imagine running a business today without embracing the idea of going digital.

What is Inside Sales?

Inside sales or inbound sales involves utilizing digital platforms to market and sell your products and services. Virtual selling is the latest norm in the B2B sector, and if you are not implementing it in your business, then you will lag far behind your competitors. If you want your business to flourish in today’s cut-throat digital world, then Inside Sales is the key to success.

Digital Impact of Inside Sales on the B2B sector

  • Sales Intelligence tools

Sales intelligence tools allow the sales reps to search, identify, and monitor their prospects’ information regularly to improve lead nurturing. Imagine how much time it saves to be able to identify and target the ideal buyer persona instead of searching the overall unclassified market segments for your leads. Sales intelligence tools help reps keep their pipeline filled with qualified leads. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hubspot Sales, etc. are some of the sales intelligence tools available.

  • Data Analytics tools

Just accumulating and organizing data is not enough, data analysis is crucial to gain insights and understand the behavior of your prospective buyers. Enter Analytics tools that help you visually analyze your CRM data and create informative sales reports to track your KPIs. Sales analytics tools let you gain better insights into your sales pipeline and guide reps to layout a further course of action. Google analytics, InsightSquared, XANT playbooks are some of the sales analytics tools available for B2B sales reps.

  • Email Marketing tools

No inside sales process is complete without email marketing. And to make it simpler, there are email marketing automation tools. This means that you don’t have to worry about sending regular emails to your prospects and customers. Get an email marketing automation tool for automatically rescheduling emails that you send to them regularly. This helps the reps achieve more productivity as it saves their time. Mailchimp, Drip, etc. are a few popular marketing automation tools.

  • CRM

CRM tools help businesses to develop and manage relationships with their customers. The selling process doesn’t end after you have sold your product or services. Following up with your customers is equally essential because customer satisfaction is the key to retaining them. CRM software tracks and examines interactions with customers to allow businesses to understand their behavior and offer them services in the best possible way. If the customer is satisfied they will be loyal to your business, and that will increase your customer base in the long run. Some of the popular CRM tools are Hubspot, Zoho, and salesforce.

All these tools will continue to be in use in the coming years. Outsourcing your Inside Sales lead generation process to experts like FunnL helps your business get instant personalized solutions without having to invest in these expensive tools. FunnL platform helps to visualize all the data points necessary to execute and design the sales lead generation campaign and all the key metrics and KPIs associated with them. The reporting and the analytics section on the platform deliver the best insights, which is the aggregated result of multiple data sources and data points captured from the sales lead generation campaigns designed and executed for the pipeline development – ultimately to achieve maximum ROI for your business. Contact FunnL for all your B2B sales needs.


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