How To Use A Lead Generation Tool to Automate Prospecting


How challenging is it for your business to generate new leads?


It’s more likely to be one of the trickiest tasks to complete. Perhaps your efforts have not yet yielded the anticipated outcomes, despite using the most recent techniques and strategies. Save yourself the trouble; we’ve got you covered!


Prospecting for sales manually consumes a great deal of time that could be spent on other sales activities that could generate profits. Lead generation software, often known as “lead gen” software, automates and refines the prospecting process.


This post will dive deep into how you can use B2B lead generation tools to automate prospecting.



Automate prospecting with lead-generation software notifications


A modest fraction of inbound leads can be obtained through phone calls generated by website users. For instance, if a visitor registers on your site to download an eBook, you should engage them through further communications. 


One way to do this is through emails and website feedback notifications, which you will most likely reply to in a day or two. Unfortunately, with each minute you delay in lead response, the likelihood of converting inbound leads into customers diminishes significantly. As a result, you end up losing a lot of potential leads.


As you know, inbound lead generation relies on individuals finding you and reaching out, which means they can also contact your competitors simultaneously. To achieve this, you require blazing-fast lead-generation notifications automatically sent to your sales representatives in real-time, enabling an instant response.


Responding to a lead within five minutes improves your chances of getting a lead seven times compared to a competitor who takes an hour. (source).


Now, it’s time for you to consider how: does your lead generation system notify your sales team of new leads instantly? If not, reach out to FunnL.


Automate prospecting via enablement with the lead generation tool


How will you enable your sales rep to track leads down quickly?


Your lead generation tool can automate the process leading up to the chat, which can help facilitate this interaction with a lead. The only purpose of this enablement is to liberate your sales team to focus on what it does best, which is selling.


Furthermore, an immediate call back is one way to accomplish this. When your lead management system receives a lead, it should allocate the lead to the best available sales rep and provide the option to connect the lead immediately. 


As a result, your sales representative contacts the lead, who may still be exploring your website. It has a significant impact when people receive an immediate callback like this.


In addition, your lead generation tool can help sales reps by providing visitor statistics and analytics, along with immediate notification and a callback. Moreover, the visitor has already provided you with a name and phone number, as it is an inbound lead. The system fills in by providing information on visitor demographics, their activities on the website, the pages they visited, and several other things.


It becomes much simpler if it’s a regular visitor, a lead already in your database, or customer relationship management. Now that you have all the information you require from the system, you can make an inbound call.


Analytics in lead generation tools automate prospecting


To take advantage of the leads you have in your pipeline, you need to follow up on them as a next step, right? Ask yourself these questions: What part does your lead management system play in automating this, and how can you implement it?


Well, just the simple act of implementing lead generation will not inevitably increase profits. Examining your analytics and data to determine what’s working is essential. To ensure your lead generation tool is effective, you must put in the time and effort necessary to review your analytics and make changes to your workflow.


In addition, you can view all the relevant information about each lead who has attempted to contact you across all of your channels with precise reporting and analytics data.


All things considered, lead generation tools are vital for sales, which is why your sales team should keep a close tab on your lead funnel. However, this does not imply that you must deal with it all day. 


On the contrary, automation relieves you of this time-consuming task. What’s more, automating your prospecting with lead generation software will boost the number of leads generated.


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