How to make outbound lead gen work?

Outbound lead Generation is the process where we send “a single or multiple messages” directly to the prospects. Pros of Outbound lead generation is we can choose the time and medium of interaction, Cost profile is short-term and cost-effective.

Following are the factors that make an outbound lead generation work at its best:

Define your buyer personas

“Buyer Personas”, also called as “Marketing Personas” are fictional and generalized representations of ideal customers. Personas help us in marketing, sales, products and services by internalizing the ideal customers, trying to attract and relate to the customer as real humans.

Buyer personas are critical to drive content creation, product development, sales Follow-up and any other. Buyer personas helps in understanding the customers better so that it becomes easier to tailor the content, messaging, product development, and services to the specific needs and concerns of different groups.

A Buyer Personas is the representation of an ideal customer, also tells you on what prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh their options to address a problem that the company resolves. But, most of the outbound emailers have no idea on whom they need to communicate with, and so the content created is of no use and boring.

By taking sufficient time on creating better personas, there is a chance to connect, influence, and create an action that is desired in better way.

Creating Buyer Personas

Buyer personas can be created through research, surveys and target audience, includes customers, prospects, and also the contacts that doesn’t match the contact database who might align with your target audience. Both, qualitative and quantitative data is collected to paint a picture of the ideal customers, their value, and how the solution fits in their daily life. Craft your emails to educate the prospect on a problem or how you solve it. That doesn’t mean that the emails should be long, but yes, depends on how we communicate and how an action is taken by the prospect.

Pay a lot of attention to the list that is created and used

There are number of things that the outbound lead generation team can do to optimize the relationship through collaboration and improve the list acquisition process. Usually, we spend hours together on improving data quality and cleaning list. Points to be noticed while making proper listing are;

  • Set the right expectations with both the teams
  • Control the flow of Leads
  • Provide regular constructive feedback.
  • Design Emails that are personalized and have more than one way to advance the process

The best process in designing a personalized Emails are:

  1. Identifying all the possible decision makers for an ideal account
  2. By collecting relevant data on the prospects
  3. Creating an outbound email structure for each Ideal Client Profile
  4. Launching the campaign and analyzing the result
  5. Rigorous follow-ups

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