How to Create an Amazing Email Marketing Strategy for Generating Leads?

How to Create an Amazing Email Marketing Strategy for Generating Leads?

Emails are the most favoured lead generation tools for the B2B sales reps. And why not? They are cost-efficient and purely outcome-driven. You can never go wrong with an email for prospecting and promoting your brand. This is because most customers prefer email over any other digital form of communication as they are highly personalized and professional modes of communication.

Emails play a crucial role in the B2B lead generation process, especially when equipped with the best tactics and approach. In this FunnL blog, we shall discuss the most amazing email marketing strategy for your business to succeed.

Personalize emails for your customers

Emails are popular because they can be personalized for your customers. And by personalized, we don’t mean just calling out your customer by their names. It’s more than that. E.g., you send a customer an email on their birthday wishing them and letting them know about any special offer on their special day. These types of personalized emails show that you care for your customers, and they are an important part of your corporate family.

Optimize emails for smartphones

More than 50% of the users view emails through their mobile phones. If your emails are not optimized enough to fit their mobile screens, chances are high that your users will delete them, killing your conversion rate.

Retarget inactive users

More or less, every email list has some number of inactive users that can still become your customers and refer you to their network zone if your email marketing is just right. You can re-engage inactive subscribers by promising them something in advance and making sure you send gifts as a reward for completing the polls or surveys in your emails.

Utilize Email automation

Email automation is one of the most useful and advanced sales tools that can boost your conversion rates. For those leads that have shown interest in your products or services but are not yet ready to buy them, you can send them automated emails regularly through drip campaigns without manually typing and sending those emails. This not only helps the marketing team save their time and increased productivity but also keeps the leads engaged with your business.

Entice through ‘offers with deadlines’

Using expressions like “Hurry!”, “Act Now!”, or “Grab the deal, it Ends Today” can make your email subscribers act quickly by making your offer look more fascinating.

Add a clear CTA 

A marketing email is just like a landing page for your subscribers. A call-to-action is the link that you put in your email for the receivers. It may be anything like- “Start a Free Trial Today”, “Buy Now”, or Click Here For 50% OFF!”. Your CTA should be engaging as the conversion rates and profits depend on the effectiveness of your CTA.

Combine email marketing with social media

Customers like to make their buying decisions by researching information from various mediums rather than relying on a single platform. Therefore, if you have a social media presence, then invite your subscribers to follow you there. This will enhance your brand’s credibility among your email subscribers.

Looking to intensify your lead generation process to achieve maximum ROI?

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