How to assure SDRs that a Lead is Sales Qualified?

How to assure SDRs that a Lead is Sales Qualified?

The job of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) is not to close a deal, rather they focus on connecting with the prospects regarding their business needs and solving their queries.

Various factors affect a lead to be deemed as sales qualified, and it’s SDR’s job to filter those leads and pass them in the pipeline to the inside sales team. The lead qualification process can be used to separate the sales qualified leads from the others so that the reps can focus on the conversion of the hot leads that will result in a shorter sales cycle. 

To ensure that a lead is sales qualified, here’s what SDRs need to know.

  • Prospect’s needs = your solution

Your product or services should match the needs/solutions criteria of the lead to initiate nurturing. The more interested the lead is in doing business with you, the less time it takes for nurturing and convincing.

  • Immediate requirement

A sales qualified lead is the one that is facing pain points in business and is looking for an immediate solution to solve them. This shows their genuine interest in collaborating with your firm.

  • Prospect should be ready to discuss pricing and negotiations

A qualified lead should be prepared to take things further from their side by actively engaging in the pricing discussion and budget options. This shows that they are ready for a purchase offer from your company. 

  • Make sure that the Decision-makers are involved 

It is pertinent to communicate with the prospects who are responsible for purchase-related decisions for the organization since sometimes, the prospect may be an end-user of the product but is not under authority to make such decisions. Therefore, make sure that everyone from the decision panel is also involved while having a sales-related conversation.

Qualified or not, every lead is crucial for your business, and even if the lead is cold, it can still be transformed into a prospect and final buyer through a successful Inside Sales strategy. All you need is an Inside sales expert. FunnL provides you with an all-in-one lead generating platform that is flexible, efficient and cost-effective. Outsourcing your B2B lead generation is always a profitable decision as it helps you cut down the costs on the technology and resources involved in the inside sales process. FunnL can help your business grow by generating high-quality leads in your pipeline. Our only business is B2B sales qualified meeting (SQM) generation. Contact FunnL today to increase your ROI and expand your business.


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