How the Inside Sales lead gen platform is accelerating the revenue growth model for marketers in 2021

How the Inside Sales lead gen platform is accelerating the revenue growth model for marketers in 2021

Inside sales have always been an integral part of the B2B sector, and due to the global pandemic, it has become crucial for businesses to conduct more sales operations and close deals remotely. With the use of updated technology combined with human intelligence, inside sales can generate qualified leads for the company and create a wider perspective for revenue growth strategies.

What is B2B lead generation?

Inbound sales lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers for your business. Any business that shows interest in your products or services, visits your website, or signs up for a newsletter, is a lead for your firm. Generating quality leads requires full research and effective sales campaign execution by the marketing and sales teams.

Consistent leads imply more profit opportunities for business. Thus, marketers play an important role in the lead generation process as they constantly target and acquire the prospective buyer’s data and pass it on to the sales team to follow up and closing.

Benefits of an effective lead generation platform

  • Accelerates sales process by utilizing technology aptly

Marketers in the B2B sector use numerous tools and techniques to generate leads for the inside sales team but not all those leads are meant to be closed. This is because all leads don’t make their way to become qualified ones. It is important to classify your buyer persona because if the sales team will nurture irrelevant leads then their productivity will suffer. Thus, a smartly designed platform will help speed up the selling process by filtering the qualified leads from unqualified ones.

  • Improves customer relationship 

An ideal lead generation platform is built keeping the prospects as a top priority. Creating a customer-focused approach will help you develop a deeper bond with your future client and help you seal the deal.

  • Helps build brand value by customer satisfaction

More customers mean increased market value for your company. When the prospects realize that you are dedicating 100% of the time and resources to provide them with solutions, they will be more likely to do business with your firm. This will result in more satisfied leads and increased brand value for your business.

  • Cuts down marketing costs

An efficient lead generation platform helps you focus on quality leads rather than working on each lead that may or may not be qualified to become a customer. This will improve your team’s productivity and help reduce the marketing & promotion costs spent on irrelevant leads.

  • Saves the company’s valuable time and resources

The lead generation platform helps accelerate the selling process by focusing on qualified leads, an effective lead generation platform helps the salesforce to prevent investing time and resources spent on futile leads, which ultimately results in increased revenue by optimizing the firm’s time and resources.

Finding fresh leads consistently is a tough task in today’s competitive B2B market, and the process of generating new leads takes ample research, time, and resources. Searching for prospective clients is a full-time job, and if the internal marketing team is researching and gathering data along with the task of finding new leads, they won’t be able to optimize the time and opportunities to identify those leads.

Outsourcing lead generation to professional experts like FunnL helps your business to achieve consistent leads. is an exclusive B2B lead generation platform that helps businesses build a stronger pipeline and close better deals faster. Get real-time data to escalate high quality leads for your business through FunnL’s efficient, flexible, and cost-saving sales-qualified lead generation models. We will take over all the market research, approach for database expansion, and execute quality lead generation campaigns for your company, whilst you can invest your time in improving your products/services, communicating with your customers, and closing valuable deals. We work with you to help maximize your ROI. Let’s connect to discuss further at


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