How SQMs Are The New Revenue Catalysts In 2021

Sales Qualified Meetings (SQM) are becoming the next big thing in the sales and marketing industry. From our earlier article on what Sales Qualified Meetings are, you may have gained some insight on what SQMs are, and how they work as a cog – a part of the bigger picture called the “customer lifecycle”. While there are various agendas involved for sales and marketing qualified leads (SQL and MQL), arguably the most important part of the cycle is the sales-qualified meetings. SQMs are a potential parameter for measuring the success of lead generation strategies, particularly for a B2B company.

However, if that is not convincing enough, here are five reasons why you should harness the potential of SQM to grow your business:

  • SQMs help reduce overall time wastage – When it comes to sales, every minute counts. The average sales representative is said to waste approximately 1,512 minutes every week by pursuing unqualified sales leads! With SQM, all prospects go through a series of gauntlets and gatekeepers – by treating them as visitors, you are no longer required to consider them a lead until they qualify as one, thereby utilizing time to improve your overall sales efficiency.
  • SQMs help companies determine customers better – Unqualified leads are the bane of sales reps everywhere. As mentioned in the previous point, they are potential time-wasters and have a high probability of not purchasing. Qualified leads have a higher chance of converting to a customer, but with the help of SQM, the chances of a 100% conversion rate are not a far-fetched dream anymore! If they qualify as a lead and are satisfied during the SQM, then the process becomes simple and repeatable, leading to a lattice of customers.
  • SQMs help customers understand companies better – A lot needs to be done to convince a visitor to become a customer, and a lot more to subtly imply so. With SQM, companies get a better idea of who their customers were and are, while customers understand a lot more about what the company does and how their workings can benefit them as a client.

FunnL helps businesses understand one another much better than conventional qualified lead generation firms do. With client-defined parameters for such meetings, they help showcase what you do with assessments and demonstrations for both sides. You can contact us to know more about our services here.

  • SQMs can help get to better decisions faster – In the sales industry, “no” is often a better answer than “yes”, as it dumps the prospect as a definitive non-customer for the organization. However, SQMs are a great utility to clarify everything both sides need to know – fine details and non-knowledgeable decision-makers are the reason why most sales take time to happen, and with SQM such situations are made completely obsolete. This way, you get to close the sale faster than ever before.
  • SQM is the next big thing in the industry –  Currently, sales-qualified meetings are often where the marketing-to-sales handoffs occur in most major businesses. With the high efficacy of visitor-to-customer conversion and a higher sales-time density ratio, SQMs are an inevitable step in the customer lifecycle. Sales Qualified Meetings are the next big thing, right now.

FunnL is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to B2B SQM generation firms. With a repertoire of 25,000+ sales qualified meetings generated, the company has a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel that are ready to help you, no matter what industry you are from.

You can request us for an online meeting to discuss qualifying your prospects and help outsource your prospecting to ProSales Connection. Know more about us here.


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