How Marketing Automation Improves Inside Sales Productivity

How Marketing Automation Improves Inside Sales Productivity


The marketing role involves spending massive time daily doing tedious, repetitive work in lead generation and tracking, blocking production efficiency.


To reduce time loss and increase productivity, marketing and sales teams rely on software within the inside sales platform. This software automates monotonous tasks like mailing, social media posting, and scheduling meetings, making them faster and easier. By leveraging the capabilities of an inside sales platform, businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and allow teams to focus on high-value activities that drive revenue and business growth.

This article helps you understand the benefits of using an automation tool to increase inside sales team productivity.


Benefits of using Marketing Automation for Inside Sales


In this ultra-speed world of marketing, every second counts. Using automation tools on average increases sales productivity by 14.5% says a study (source). Here are some of the benefits of using the automation tool:


Prioritize the right leads


The most common complaint from inside sales reps is that their marketing counterparts don’t pass on qualified leads. Marketing automation can help you focus on the leads most likely to convert, saving you time and money. 


A lead can be automatically qualified based on criteria with features like lead scoring and grading. Using a score to determine a prospect’s interest and a set of grades to find their fit, marketing and sales must work together to define an ideal qualified lead. 


Marketing automation makes it possible to target potential customers with carefully crafted messages relevant to their interests. When done correctly, marketing automation can help you to increase sales and grow your business.


 Real-time tracking of prospect activities


When it comes to marketing, time is of the essence. The sooner you act on a prospect’s activity, the more likely you are to close the sale. That’s where marketing automation comes in. 


You can view prospect activities in real-time to adjust your marketing strategy. Marketing automation tools provide detailed reports on how prospects interact with your website and content. This information is crucial for deciding what types of content to produce and where to allocate your resources.


Lead nurturing assistance


While many businesses are hesitant to adopt such technologies, those that do often find that they can significantly help lead nurturing efforts. In addition, marketing automation can simplify specific tasks, allowing companies to focus on more important work. 


You can implement multiple workflows through marketing automation solutions to manage lead nurturing activities and track their progress. The system allows leads to move from one stage to another in the sales funnel by progressively feeding them information.


Businesses can take advantage of this powerful toolset and improve their bottom line by understanding the marketing automation capabilities and how they can be used in lead generation and nurturing campaigns.


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Optimize sales activity 


Tracking sales activity manually in a spreadsheet confuses many reps and leads. 


Sales Automation Tools, logging with CRM software allows you to store and track the sales activity of customers together from “Hi/Hello” to the last purchase, hassle-free. This helps you to have a fast track on the following for an effective increase in production:


  1. Several leads are in different stages.
  2. Time taken to close a deal on average.
  3. Prioritize the leads, depending on their activity.
  4. Conversion rate from lead to customer at each stage.
  5. Performance of the salesperson at each stage. 

Marketing automation has increased productivity and sales in inside sales teams. You can focus on building relationships with potential customers by automating simple tasks like email follow-ups or lead management. If you’re not currently using marketing automation in your sales process, we encourage you to try it.


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