How has inside sales team resulted in augmenting the virtual selling process

How Has Inside Sales Team Augmented The Virtual Selling Process

Approaching prospects and conducting sales remotely is the main function of an Inbound Sales team. More and more companies are relying on the Inside Salesforce for generating leads and increasing ROI. The Inside Sales team has helped in tremendous growth in the virtual sales process during recent years. The following are the few things where the inside sales team has augmented the virtual selling process.

Specialized salesforce

An Inside Salesforce is formed by combining human intelligence and technology to enhance the lead generation process for the business. The sales reps are specially trained to carry out the process effectively by using appropriate technology and marketing channels. 

Broader prospect outreach

Using inbound sales techniques to target your prospects allows you to reach out to them at an extensive level. This is possible via Digital marketing platforms that connect firms with numerous companies through various mediums such as email marketing, content marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, and mobile marketing. Thus, your target market expands to new heights and possibilities.

Includes Profound research and analysis

Inside sales are based on detailed research and data analysis that guide the sales team to target qualified leads and help in conversion. This gathered data also helps in the decision making process in situations like changes in buyer behavior or examining the What-if analysis. All these valuable insights ensure that the virtual selling process delivers expected results and meets the set goals for the organization.

Better ways to engage prospects

With the advent of various inside sales tools, virtual sales meetings are now designed to be appealing as well as informational for the customers. Inside sales teams use PPTs, videos, infographics, various apps, and many other tools to provide valuable product information to the prospects without making the virtual meeting a dull affair.

Saves companies’ valuable time and resources

Unlike traditional field sales, where the sales reps have to travel to meet the clients (sometimes to other cities), an inbound sales process saves time for both- the sales reps and the clients, as it allows them to meet and discuss at their convenience without worrying about the location, thereby providing flexibility. This also helps businesses save the cost incurred on sales tours. Since the traveling time of the reps is reduced, they can focus more on building rapport with the prospect remotely. After all, the main objective of a sales process is to increase revenue.

Use of latest technology for generating leads

An inside sales team uses technology to convert qualified leads into customers. With the help of advanced tools and techniques, it focuses on increasing productivity and better collaboration with prospects. CRM, a core inside sales tool, helps the sales reps to maintain a reliable connection with their prospects by follow up through personalized emails, newsletters, and messages. 

Virtual selling is the future of B2B marketing, and its use is becoming more and more prominent in businesses. The only key to succeed in it is to have a trained and qualified inside salesforce and that takes time and effort to build. platform is a full-service Inside Sales solution to all key stakeholders responsible for business development. We will help you through all the stages of Inbound Sales, right from account setup to scheduling of the appointments with the qualified leads and gaining feedback. Our business is simple- to help you generate leads and close deals. We provide engagement models that are flexible, efficient, cost-saving, and specially designed to suit the goals of different businesses. Contact us today.


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