How Can A Software Development Company Find New Clients And Reach Decision-Makers?

finding decision makers for software companies


The quest for new clients is one of the oldest and most often repeated stories in business. The world of business, indeed, is a daunting one. Finding new clients and convincing them of your services are key elements in running a successful business.


It’s no easy feat, but with the right strategy, it can be done. With some well-crafted strategy, you could easily find yourself sitting with prospective decision-makers instead of talking to the ocean waves!


This blog post will look into how software development companies can close more deals by finding new clients and reaching out to decision-makers. So pack up your wings and get ready to fly towards success. 


Steps To Find New Clients & Reach Decision-Makers

Know your decision-makers

Understanding who the key decision-makers are at target companies is critically important for salespeople to save time and increase efficiency. Knowing who you’re looking for from the start gives you direction and focus to quickly zoom in on the right contacts.


Of course, it’s just as necessary to quickly eliminate those who aren’t relevant and will not buy what you offer. With this knowledge, your sales search becomes laser-focused, leaving more time for connecting with potential clients and cultivating trust.


When you know the decision-makers and all their details, you can figure out the best way to pitch them.


Create a complete profile of the decision-maker


Understanding and identifying the key decision-makers of your clients is vital to success in reaching them effectively. To create a wholesome profile of your decision-maker, you need to have some qualifiers in place, such as job title and duties, type of decision-maker, and interactions with your website and campaigns.


Researching existing clients or late-stage leads offers different insights into specific needs and wants that could give valuable information for creating personas based on these data points. 

Having an accurate or complete understanding of who you are targeting can be highly advantageous in achieving success when marketing and communicating your solution.


Use FunnL – A SaaS Prospecting Tool to reach the right decision-makers


With FunnL, you can quickly locate B2B business decision-makers using powerful AI technology to find and track target accounts much faster. In addition, you’ll get detailed information about each contact, including job titles, social profiles, and interests from their campaign-driven prospects.


This gives you the most accurate and up-to-date picture of who makes decisions within a company. This means you’ll be able to identify highly qualified results more efficiently and in less time than ever.


Plus, you can refine your search parameters based on what matters most to your business, such as location or industry focus. So if you need to reach decision-makers quickly and accurately, FunnL is the perfect solution.


Find the contact details using FunnL


Finding high-value clients with verified contact information has never been easier than with FunnL. This powerful platform makes it simple to get started— enter the client’s details into the AI prospector and promptly receive tailored suggestions from FunnL’s extensive campaign-driven database. After that, you can export selected contacts as a CSV file.


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Even better, when you sign up for FunnL’s services, you automatically get 25 free contact prospects so that you can begin contacting potential buyers immediately. So with just a few clicks of a button, your system will already be filled with contacts and ready to build relationships. 


Reach out directly


You now have all the details of your decision-maker, so it’s time to approach them directly. 


Reach out directly by phone or email with personalized messages explaining why they should work with your software development business. Make sure each message is explicitly tailored to the person or company you are contacting to stand out from generic emails sent out en masse. FunnL’s AI tool generates your most effective and personalized sales outreach emails.


Also, consider offering incentives such as discounts or free trials to entice prospects into working with your business. Try Funnl AI Tool Today!


You can use these steps to help you connect with new clients and reach decision-makers within a company. If you’re looking for an effective way to market your software development company, start by contacting those needing your services the most. With a little effort, you can expand your client base and attract more business than ever.


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