How Can FunnL Help A B2B Business?

B2B lead generation is much more crucial in the digital world than before. Thankfully, some excellent platforms such as FunnL assist B2B businesses in automating their lead generation campaigns, streamlining their sales procedures, and gaining valuable insights into the requirements of their potential clients that would have previously required months of field study.


A successful company must produce leads and nurture them into paying clients. With FunnL, it’s hassle-free and straightforward. You can launch a campaign in less than 30 minutes, starting from scratch. This is the beneficial side of using FunnL for a lead generation business.


Why Choose FunnL?


FunnL sets effective sales meetings rather than focusing only on generating leads and prospecting. B2B sales appointment settings are essential for sales organizations that believe in making the most of the money and time invested in creating more targeted leads and engaging with the key decision-makers in the market. This process leads to optimizing their revenue by speeding up their sales cycle.


Below is a clear insight for you to choose FunnL.


1. Quality over quantity

The B2B appointment-setting process supports the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and the Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore, FunnL concentrates on quality over quantity. Which is more critical for your B2B business to be successful? A 1000 random leads or 100 ready-to-convert sales appointment opportunities – what is your priority? If you want to build a healthy sales pipeline with more conversations with your potential customers, then FunnL is the ideal platform for your lead generation business. Together, we grow!


2. Fruitful B2B sales meetings

Data shows that half of your prospects are irrelevant to your business, products, or services (source). In this confusing or troubling state, FunnL comes forward to help you set up B2B sales meetings, leading you a few steps ahead to close a deal. So, you get high-quality leads and opportunities to have fruitful conversations with them. Isn’t it fascinating?


FunnL can help you set up sales meetings with your prospects quite effectively. To accomplish this,

  • FunnL thoroughly investigates your market and niche before creating qualified sales meetings to ensure that you benefit from this.
  • After understanding your lead qualification parameters, FunnL adapts your marketing plan, script, and procedure to match your marketing objectives.
  • FunnL allows you to pay for each sales appointment it generates, enabling you to focus more and put maximum effort into turning it into a successful meeting.

3. More deal closure 

More conversations lead to more deals closing. With the scope for conducting a meeting and the opportunity to explore possible approaches, the sales team at the customer can meet with decision-makers in the organization. According to 71% of C-level executives, growth demands sales productivity, achievable by working smarter, not harder (source).


FunnL does not help you close deals but creates a winning environment to accomplish your goals. Additionally, at every interaction or meeting with a decision maker, you get more assurance about your ability to complete deals and the likelihood that a potential customer will choose to do business with you. 


Summing up, FunnL is an excellent tool for your lead generation business. With the robust database, AI-powered prospecting tool, and personalized email campaigns – FunnL has already set more than 35,000 sales-qualified meetings for over 300 B2B companies. Moreover, since the prospects are human-curated and campaign-proven, the sales appointment settings FunnL generates are of high quality and highly convertible.


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