How Acquiring Qualified Leads Can Help You Maximize ROI?

How Acquiring Qualified Leads Can Help You Maximize ROI?

A funnel, a journey, or a loop whatever be the journey, prospects that become leads have shown some interest in what your B2B company provides. However, the one thing that marketing and sales departments often can’t agree on is the definition of lead quality.

Usually, a user’s journey from being a prospect to becoming a lead goes something like this in the sales funnel.

How Acquiring Qualified Leads Can Help You Maximize ROI?

The decision-makers in the organization have to make sure that maximum leads are converted to customers and that can be possible only if the marketing and inside sales department coordinate better to produce qualified leads that have a high probability of conversion. You can read our blog- ‘How to Assure SDRs that a lead is Sales Qualified?’ for more details about qualified leads.

How Qualified Leads Help You maximize ROI?

For the average B2B company, only 5-10 percent of qualified leads convert, and 25 percent of marketers don’t even know their conversion rate. (Source:

Lead qualification is important because it saves you time, energy, and resources. The earlier a lead is assessed, the better for the sales and marketing representatives as it will help them filter and save their efforts from being wasted on prospects that are not interested in buying.

Here are some ways through which you can maximize ROI via acquiring quality leads for your organization.

  • Minimize the wastage of time

It doesn’t make sense if the marketing team just focuses on producing leads and passes them on to sales without focusing on the quality criteria.

Sales representatives don’t want to waste their time and energy on irrelevant leads. And more importantly, businesses don’t want to waste their resources on pursuing unworthy leads. Knowing which prospects can convert into customers, the sales team can focus their efforts and resources on the leads that will generate the highest ROI for their company.

For example, if the marketing team and sales team have a weekly or monthly meeting to discuss where they are heading with their lead production activity, and lay out clear expectations and goals for each other, then the lead quality can improve drastically.

  • Better alignment of sales and marketing teams

When marketing and sales teams work together in the lead generation process with commonly laid goals and lead defining criteria, the chances of producing high-quality leads increases dramatically as resources will be spent more efficiently.

How Acquiring Qualified Leads Can Help You Maximize ROI?

Better alignment facilitates a feedback loop between both departments. This means a lower rejection rate for sales representatives as they will get better quality MQLs from the marketing team. This motivates both departments to collaborate and walk together in their lead nurturing journey.

  • Focus on productivity

As mentioned above, when the time and resources are saved in nurturing and converting a prospective buyer, it automatically enhances the productivity of sales and marketing personnel. They get to focus on more conversions and acquiring more leads for the organization that ultimately helps boost its return on investment. 

Whether you are planning to accelerate your lead generation process, or are focusing on acquiring more SQMs for your business, FunnL’s all-in-one inside sales platform will help you get better leads faster by building a stronger pipeline and closing better deals faster. 

With an experience of 2500+ campaigns and over 25000+ SQMs, FunnL is a leading B2B Lead generation platform powered by movingDneedle. We are approached consistently by organizations who require sales-qualified leads from the USA, Canada, UK, MEA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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