Future Trends in Email Marketing

Email marketing is on the precipice of exiting change right now. This is a new-world order and many of them are going to sink or learn to swim again. It is true that, social media is a game changer, also equally true that email-based marketing delivers in areas that its character count cannot.
For example – because email is almost always based on a previous indication that the customer might be interested in a product or service, either by signing up to a newsletter or providing contact details – it is able to target customers much more accurately than social channels might.
So there is plenty of life left in email – a fact that is reinforced by the DMA’s (Designated Market Area) National Client Email Report, which predicted that email marketing spends were set to increase. The report also said that, 90% of the business is believed that email marketing is either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their marketing strategy.
Consumers are demanding new heights of relevant, immaculately presented content – with the emphasis being placed on relevant. Strategies will need to remain as fluid and dynamic as the market that they operate in. Only the most responsive marketers are able to take advantage of the quickly changing landscape.

Here are a few trends and predictions for Future:

Mobile – the cornerstone of our data consumption

The move-to-mobile is a seemingly unstoppable force with some figures suggesting that mobile devices will soon be the cornerstone of all our data needs. This could potentially cause a conflict in design methods.

Big Data has become small but will get big again

‘Big Data’ Data dependent business have been throwing the term around for quite a few years and recently a plethora of analytical tools came along, leaving many underwhelmed. For more than a few, it seems that shaping this ‘Big Data’ into a workable form has proved more difficult that was initially hoped.
With the resources and dexterity, they will begin to find more effective ways to reach the promise land of Big Data analysis.

Email on social networks – could it be the future?

As social networks continue to diversify their portfolios, the concept of providing complete email solutions is not too much of stretch. If this happens, it would open up a whole new dimension to email marketing strategy where integrated social media components build right into email content.

Geographically aware email – content delivered based on real-time surroundings

Despite of many emails being read on location savvy devices, the email itself remains intrinsically basic and as it currently stands, email clients are not aware of their surroundings. As geo-location hardware becomes the de facto standard, email marketers should be utilizing this mobile technology to its fullest extent.

Less spam is good for everyone

Spam filters are getting much better on what they do. Since 2010 spam has been on the decline. Just three years ago, 89% of all global mail was spam. By 2011 this had dropped to 75% and by 2012, the number had fallen again to 68%.
At the current rate, do not be surprised if spam is almost completely irradiated within a decade. Software developers began to adopt a ‘behind the scenes approach’ to what the end user can and can’t access. Pretty soon there is a chance that junk folders won’t even exist and the filtering will occur behind closed doors.
Cleaning up the world of spam is nothing but good news for email marketers. Within no time, people will know that the information in their inbox is high quality, tailored and relevant information. This will rebuild the relationship of trust between business as well as consumer and almost certainly lead to higher conversion rates.


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