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About FunnL and Martal

FunnL and Martal offer robust B2B lead generation and sales meeting services that cater to different business requirements. FunnL is ideal for businesses seeking AI-driven solutions and scalable automation, including sales outsourcing, B2B appointment setting, and outsourced inside sales. Martal is better suited for companies looking for comprehensive sales support, including outsourced sales teams and personalized marketing strategies. Choosing between them would depend on your specific business requirements, budget, and the level of personalized service you need.

FunnL specializes in B2B sales lead generation and appointment setting. Its offerings include account-based marketing, data enrichment, and demand generation. FunnL uses advanced AI-driven tools and manual verification to ensure lead quality and relevance.

Martal focuses on B2B lead generation, sales outsourcing, and marketing services. It provides a comprehensive suite of solutions, including LinkedIn outreach, cold emailing, and inbound lead qualification.

Methodologies and Unique Features



Strengths and Weaknesses

FunnL Strengths

  • Customized approaches to meet specific client needs and industry requirements.
  • Specializes in strategic ABM strategies for targeted client acquisition.
  • Provides end-to-end sales support services, including lead generation and conversion.
  • Provides detailed insights for optimizing sales strategies.

Belkins Strengths

  • Demonstrated success in achieving significant sales growth and delivering results for clients.
  • Specializes in developing and executing personalized strategies for managing and nurturing key accounts.
  • Experience across diverse industries such as technology, finance, healthcare, etc.


  • Dependency on External Teams: Reliance on outsourced teams may lead to challenges in alignment with internal processes and culture.

  • Cost of Outsourcing: Services may be cost-prohibitive for smaller companies or startups with limited budgets.

  • Limited Control: Clients may need more control over outsourced sales teams’ day-to-day operations and strategies.

Choosing the Right Solution


Choose FunnL for its cutting-edge AI-driven automation that optimizes lead generation and sales processes, making it ideal for businesses seeking scalable solutions with advanced analytics and automated workflows.


Martal excels with its specialized sales teams and strategic campaign management, offering tailored solutions and comprehensive support that are perfect for businesses requiring industry-specific expertise and personalized sales strategies to drive growth and client acquisition.

Choosing between FunnL and Martal would depend on factors such as the business’s specific goals, the desired level of customization, and the industry focus. FunnL leverages AI for scalable lead generation and strategic account-based marketing initiatives. At the same time, Martal offers deep industry expertise and personalized sales support through outsourced teams and appointment-setting initiatives.


Founded Year



Services Provided

AI-driven B2B sales strategies, Sales Intelligence, B2B Appointment Setting, Outsource Inside Sales, AI-driven lead generation, Sales funnel optimization, Marketing Automation, Sales Outsourcing

B2B Lead Generation, Sales Outsourcing, Appointment Setting

Global Reach



Technology Stack

AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics

Advanced Lead Generation Tools, KPI Analytics

Competitive Advantage

Advanced AI technology

Customized Solutions, Scalable Services

Pricing Model

Service-based, Per Appointment and Retainership

Retainer-based and performance-based pricing models

Service Differentiation

AI-driven tools but Human curated email cadences and interactions

Comprehensive Sales Solutions, Personalized Approach

Industry Focus

ALL B2B industries

Technology SaaS, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing

Innovation and R&D Initiatives

AI research lab

AI & Machine Learning Lab

Project Cost

Starts $1K

Scope and duration of the engagement depends on the complexity and length of the campaign

Retainer Cost



Why is it more economical to hire us for B2B sales?

  • We do all the heavy lifting of the B2B Inside Sales Campaigns
  • All you need to do is to give us the campaign brief and define the parameters
  • You pay us only when an online meeting gets concluded

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