Case Study

FunnL helps one of the industry pioneers in e-commerce and business process solutions move the needle on deals

Case Study

movingDneedle campaign strategy in the personalized email marketing frame helps one of the industry pioneers in E-commerce and business process solutions move the needle on deals

The Customer

An industry leader in transforming traditional Systems Integration services to more modern techniques and philosophies, such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud-Computing, Open Source, Business Service Management (BSM), Business Service Automation (BSA), and Business Process Monitoring (BPM). The customer provides an array of services by providing large-scale E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, ERP and CRM solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Decline in quality leads provokes the company to change their lead generation process

The customer wanted to expand its reach to a new class of customers who are Amazon sellers doing annual revenue 10 MN – 800 MN. They wanted to meet the decision makers from the Operations, IT, Marketing, Business Heads, and Technology who were willing to see the value in the platform provided by the customer.
The marketing and sales team used different online marketing channels to engage with prospects, including pay per click, SEO, SCM by approaching differently associated vendors where the average cost spent was ‘X’ and the ROI yield was ‘X/6’. This led to the decrease of sales and increase of expenditure, which made it hard for the marketing and sales team to align on which marketing channels and agencies they should pursue.
Having executed their approach towards lead gen strategy which did not yield the expected results, they decided that email marketing is the one such platform which is cost effective. Consequently, the customer was looking for a b2b lead generation partner to generate sales leads through email marketing which made them align with movingDneedle.

Results Driven by movingDneedle Personalized Email Marketing

  • The campaigns are ongoing for the customer yielding qualified leads every month on month.
  • The customer has opened up different target geographies seeing success across the existing region.
  • The context was not only related to the customer solutions but in fact, it was also about what kind of engagement and delivery model the prospects are looking for and they would want to engage with the customer.
  • A healthy sales pipeline during the campaign cycle has been developed.
  • movingDneedle was able to pump in 85 leads into the customer sales pipeline from all the campaigns with the span of 8 months
  • Sales champ at the customer were able to meet with the decision makers in operations, technology, marketing departments with a context for discussion and exploring potential avenues how the customer can help its clients in the existing circumstances.
  • The customer was not only able to close Deals with movingDneedle leaDs but they also consulted their clients in the specific domain.
  • Forecasting the number of leads for the coming months based on the analytical reports sent by movingDneedle was made easy.
  • The customer did not need to spend any extra buck on branding as the Personalized Email marketing served the purpose.

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