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B2B sales provide great rewards. However, sales representatives encounter several barriers, from contacting the decision-makers to sending them relevant messages.


This article includes six barriers that businesses face from time to time. We’ll also show you how FunnL addresses those concerns. Let’s take a brief walk on this.


Common B2B sales barriers

    1. Understanding the target industry
    2. Determining the potential target companies
    3. Identifying the decision-makers with valid contact details
    4. Creating the right messages and cadences
    5. Running sales campaigns manually
    6. Sales dossier

    1. Understanding the target industry

    Having a solid insight into your target market is crucial. You cannot sell without knowing who you need to sell to. 


    Several industries exist in the market, but how do you narrow it down to those who will be potential buyers? 


    What is FunnL’s way of addressing this issue?


    FunnL uses AI technology to help you understand your target niche. It allows you to narrow your search and focus on the target market using the names of your 3 ideal clients and the product you want to sell.


    This way, FunnL addresses the first barrier and makes identifying your target industry easier.  


    2. Determining the potential target companies


    After finding the proper target industry, the next step is to identify which companies within that industry may need your services or products. 


    The common metrics to consider when identifying the companies are size, revenue, age, location, etc.


    So, who has the need for your product or service?


    What is FunnL’s approach to overcoming this barrier?


    Almost no manual task is needed to overcome the second barrier. FunnL’s AI prospector allows you to stay ahead of the game with a steady stream of up-to-date contact data. Just provide FunnL with the names of your 3 ideal clients and get 50 additional contacts for your campaign! 


    3. Identifying the decision-makers with valid contact details


    The next challenge is finding the right decision-makers with valid contact details to pitch your products successfully.


    All businesses, big and small, have decision makers and influencers for purchasing decisions regarding specific solutions and services, and your sales representative wants their attention to making their pitch.


    In addition, when your sales reps attempt to create too many decision-maker personas (e.g., 20 different ones), they may need clarification about accurately targeting the right ones with valid contact details. 


    – How does FunnL help overcome this barrier?


    FunnL specializes in fetching target companies from its campaign-driven database, consisting of companies who might be open to hearing about your products or services. This gives you access to successful experiences that can help your business grow by generating new leads.


    4. Creating the right messages and cadences


    The next barrier is drafting the right message and approach to engage potential prospects in a B2B company effectively.


    To capture your prospect’s attention, leverage common sales obstacles as conversation starters. With the right cadence, you can develop compelling interactions that will boost engagement and move leads down the sales funnel.


    – How does FunnL address this barrier?


    FunnL helps you make the most of your sales outreach efforts by finding an ideal cadence for contacting decision-makers. Further, FunnL also equips you with tailored messaging to engage prospective clients meaningfully and effectively.


    5. Running sales campaigns manually


    Although B2B businesses are accepting automation, only half (53%) of them use it regularly (source). This shows that many B2B organizations still haven’t implemented automation into their sales process.


    The primary reason for this is achieving personalizing at scale, so many sales reps spend most of their time and effort personalizing.


    – How does FunnL help?


    You can quickly communicate with multiple contacts at various accounts through automated email outreach. Thus, FunnL is an ideal platform to save time and money.


    6. Sales dossier 


    A sales dossier is an invaluable tool that helps you refine your messaging to better target potential clients. In addition, this streamlined approach makes creating effective outreach strategies easier and more efficient.


    In a well-organized format, providing the correct information on your buyer’s interest allows you to craft a powerful message that connects with your prospects.


    Staying up-to-date on sales dossiers is difficult as information constantly changes, which is a barrier.


    – What does FunnL offer?


    Sales dossiers can be created using FunnL easily, as it has the latest up-to-date information in its own database. This helps you start meaningful conversations with your prospects by targeting the correct audience to create automated, personalized emails. 


    FunnL has proved to be an invaluable asset for businesses by providing a comprehensive solution for the six barriers they face. With all the improvements that FunnL brings, it’s hard to ignore that these solutions benefit businesses. 


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