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At Funnl.ai, our core belief revolves around data that drives responses. We understand the significance of providing accurate data to our customers, which is why we take pride in being the sole sales intelligence tool that offers a guarantee on data accuracy. 

Transparency is key to us, and we firmly believe that our customers deserve to have a clear understanding of the data we provide. This fundamental belief shapes the way we develop and refine our product. 

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Dear Sales Pros,


At Funnl.ai, our mission is to empower you in achieving tangible results from your sales endeavors. We go beyond simply providing verified leads; our ultimate goal is to ensure that you convert those leads into successful outcomes. Acquiring reliable, high-quality leads is undoubtedly important, but what truly matters is the ability to engage with those leads and bring about conclusive meetings. Drawing from our extensive experience, we have observed that by sending targeted emails to 100 leads and following up at least five times, we can generate two successful meetings. Thus, the key to obtaining the desired responses lies in reaching out to leads that are seeking your product or service.

Our AI-powered tool is exceptionally advanced, enabling you to effortlessly identify and target the right audience. With just a few clicks, you can specify your sample clients—those who have the potential to become your valuable leads—and select the relevant departments such as HR, Sales, or Administration. Voila! Your lead list is generated.

Sales is a perpetual hunt for individuals who are actively seeking your products or services. By directing your energy and focus towards this pursuit, failure becomes an impossibility. Allow me to share a few valuable tips that have proven effective throughout my successful sales career:

Persistence and focused energy: Direct your efforts towards a single direction and remain persistent in your pursuit.

Follow-up, feedback, and continuous improvement: Regularly follow up with your leads, seek feedback, and strive for constant improvement.

Embrace continuous research and networking: Keep yourself updated with industry trends and continue building relationships, even if you have achieved success.

I would be delighted to engage in further conversation with you and extend an invitation to our regular online podcasts. These podcasts provide an opportunity for one-on-one discussions, allowing us to address your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to me via email at sanju.pillai@funnl.us.

Thank you for your attention.


Warm regards,

Sanju Pillai

Founder and CEO

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Funnl.ai stands as the premier lead generation tool trusted by companies engaged in global sales endeavours.

Our Commitment to Clean Data - Funnl.ai Edition


Accurate, clean data

At Funnl.ai, we prioritize accuracy over database size. We understand that size alone is not important if the data lacks precision. We recognize that cleaning your prospect lists is a time-consuming task. Unlike other companies that overlook this aspect, our top priority is to provide you with the cleanest list possible, making your life easier.

Rest assured, our database consists of over 108 million (and growing) accurate contacts and companies. This substantial number has proven to be more than sufficient for esteemed clients like Google, Salesforce, and Dropbox.


Guaranteeing verified leads or credits back

We stand by our commitment to data accuracy at Funnl.ai. While other companies claim to have strong data, we go a step further by offering a guarantee.

When you choose Funnl.ai, every lead undergoes meticulous cleaning by our quality assurance team before it becomes part of our product. This means you won’t have to deal with inaccurate data.

We provide our customers with a 95% data accuracy guarantee. If, by any chance, the accuracy falls below this threshold, we refund your credits.


Real-time verified data

We don’t just talk about clean data at Funnl.ai; we take proactive measures. Our product incorporates features that enable real-time verification of our data before it integrates with your CRM.

When you click to retrieve a prospect’s email, Funnl.ai performs instant real-time verification to ensure its accuracy. This approach leads to cleaner lists, reduces email bounces, and allows you to spend more time engaging with genuine leads.


Keep your CRM clean

Imagine the frustration of having a bad lead in your prospecting list, but what’s worse is having it in your CRM system.

At Funnl.ai, we understand the repercussions of poor data infiltrating your sales systems. It can result in wasted hours and missed opportunities. Instead of your salespeople chasing inaccurate, unqualified, or untimely data, we implement a meticulous process.

Our quality assurance team ensures that only the most accurate and qualified leads make their way into your newly built lists.


Building transparency

Our focus at Funnl.ai is not just acquiring new customers; we strive to foster long-term relationships. Building trust from day one is pivotal in achieving this goal.

While other companies may employ confusing marketing tactics, we believe in clear communication:

  • Our database comprises 135,439,623 contacts and 16,162,621 global companies.
  • We offer a 95% data accuracy guarantee.
  • Additional monthly credits cost $0.60 (Essentials plan), $0.50 (Plus plan), and $0.40 (Professional plan).
  • Each credit equals one contact exported/downloaded.
  • Unused credits rollover, ensuring you never lose out.

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Who We are

At the core of our operations lies a fully distributed team, working tirelessly to empower businesses worldwide in surpassing their sales objectives. While our headquarters are stationed in Hyderabad, India, we also maintain a satellite office in USA.

Sanju Pillai

Founder and CEO

Padma Radha


Alpesh Kumar


Rantej Singh

Product Development

Pankaj Kothari

Product Development

Shashi Vadana Reddy

AI Digital Marketing

Binesh Chandra

UI/UX Design

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