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The Clear Vision Behind

Dear Sales Pros,

I want to share a bit about why we started FunnL. India has always been known for technical skills but not Sales. The companies in the US/UK outsource tech jobs to India but seldom sales. FunnL is on a marathon mission to change this. FunnL is pioneering the concept of having the companies in the US/ UK outsource their sales process to India.

We saw how B2B sales teams were struggling. They were juggling too many balls, trying to make sense of mountains of data, and still not hitting the mark they wanted. And that’s where our story begins.

The 'Why' of

We kicked things off in 2013 with a clear vision in mind: to untangle the complex web of B2B sales and how to minimize the cost while increasing the profitability. We’ve been in those sales trenches; we know the pain points first-hand – from siloed operations to the inefficiency of cold calls.

Tackling the Pain Points Head-On:

We built to be the one-stop-shop for sales teams. It’s about getting your sales, inside sales, and marketing to play nice together. It’s about smart data – not just heaps of it – so you can actually do something useful with the information you have. And it’s about spending your budget where it counts, not just where it’s “supposed” to go.

ROI Through's Lens:

Let’s talk numbers because that’s what really matters, right? Our clients have seen some pretty impressive stuff. Think more leads, more sales, and lower costs. That’s what happens when you get strategic with your outreach and use data the right way. With, companies are not just hitting targets; they’re blowing them out of the water.

No Magic, Just Results:

What’s our secret? Honestly, it’s no big mystery. It’s about leveraging tech with years of experience in winning those sales meetings. It is about reaching out to the right people with messages that actually speak to them. It’s not magic; it’s just good business sense, backed by a solid platform that does the heavy lifting.

Looking Ahead:

We’re not standing still. is always evolving, always adding new features and ways to give you an edge. Because at the end of the day, your success is our success. And we take that pretty seriously.

So, if you’re looking to make sense of this whole sales puzzle and actually see results that you can take to the bank, let’s chat. isn’t just another tool in your belt – it’s the partner you’ve been waiting for.

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Sanju Pillai

Founder and CEO


At the core of our operations lies a fully distributed team, working tirelessly to empower businesses worldwide in surpassing their sales objectives.

Sashi Reddi

Advisory Board Member
Sashi Reddi is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and a philanthropist. Sashi Reddi was the CEO and founder of AppLabs, a software testing firm with 2,500 employees.
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Sanju Pillai

Founder and CEO

Sanju is the Founder and CEO of movingDneedle (mDn), one of the fastest growing firms, that produces sales qualified meetings exclusively through personalized email marketing. 

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Alpesh Kumar

Head of Customer Success


Shashi Vadana Reddy

Global Marketing Head

Padma Radha


Rantej Singh

Product Development

Pankaj Kothari

Product Development

Binesh Chandra

UI/UX Design



Incubated with 3 employees focused on inside sales consulting and Build Operate Transfer of Inside Sales teams


Crossed 100 employees


Expanded operations and delivery to worldwide businesses


Launched the BDC (Business Development Center) model for customers worldwide + Acquired 1st BDC customer with the team size of 50


Reached 100+ customers ; 1000+ campaigns; 10,000+ Sales Qualified Meetings


Sri Capital Funding


Rebranded to FunnL


Established a 100 member team research center + Introduced Research as a Service offering


Crossed 200+ customers ; 1800+ campaigns; 25,000+ Sales Qualified Meetings


Lanched AI prospector enabling the customers to have a faster go to market


Completed 10 years of successful operations.

  • 350+ customers
  • 3500+ campaigns
  • 50,000+ Sales Qualified Meetings
  • 250+ Inside Sales Campaign Experts
  • 150+ Market Research Experts
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