For B2B Marketers, Lead Generation is not Interchangeable

People in B2B always speaks about LEAD GENERATION. B2B companies have Outbound Sales Team to engage in those leads generated through Lead Generation Activities. Outbound marketing is interruption-based marketing. Outbound lead marketing tries to reach consumers through in-person contact. It depends on how we approach, like, impersonally personal or through personal.

Many large companies argue that inbound marketing is more effective and efficient, but the fact is until and unless the people know about the company or organization, there is very little inbound marketing occurring. Whereas Outbound marketing greatly increases the probability of the first contact, so that a business relationship can develop at its best.

Some of the Outbound Lead Gen Techniques are:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Mass Mailings
  • Broadcast Media
  • Meetings/ Seminars
  • Cold Calling-Outbound Calls
  • Pay-per-Click Campaigns

Since smart devices, internet and mobile devices grow rapidly in popularity and creative methods of advertising, outbound marketing has lost some longstanding appeal. Some companies dedicate to continue towards outbound marketing as they found 90% of increase in their budgets.

The main aim of outbound marketing is Lead Gen, making it critical to those businesses looking to gain customers. Outbound marketing is more effective to the customers like, older the customer, stronger the chance that outbound market will impact.

When deploying lead gen strategies, we might be more aggressive in collecting more contact information so that we can trust and build the prospects on time. In Outbound Lead Gen, the process will be in a way like, the team will make research on that company and get to know the needs to make sure that the can create a good value offer.

Only then they reach out to them with an Email or cold call or a phone call and try to make a sale. Advantages of Outbound Marketing are:

  • Reaching large audience
  • Relevance
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Pulling in high-value leads
  • Ability to segment audience
  • Quick ROI and test of nature sequence
  • Low ongoing content creation over targeting
  • Direct leads to landing pages of choice

How to get a lead of high value with Outbound Marketing?

Even though outbound marketing has lower than inbound marketing, outbound lead will have higher dollar rate lead. People convert from outbound marketing is only because they get the product or service exactly they want. Outbound techniques will have the best factors to generate qualified leads for an organization. Some of the techniques include

Gathering of Database: Initial stage of generating a qualified lead is to make a right database. More effective the database is more will be chances of getting a qualified lead. Best way to generate database is through social media.

Pitching at right time: Send mails to the right people of the target company at right time, also increases the chance of making a qualified lead.

Continuous follow-ups: After sending the first mail to the customer, we need to follow-up that frequently for every two days or three, so that the chances of customer showing interest to have a look on the mail increases.

Inside Sales: Inside Sales is an important part of being successful with lead gen efforts. Inside Sales takes marketing generated leads, calls and qualify them and then pass them to the next level of team or experienced salespersons.


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