Elevate Your B2B Sales with Funnl.ai: The Gold Standard for Lead Quality and Reliability

Funnl’s Precision-Driven Data Collection and Verification

  • Our 350+ skilled professionals manually gather leads through research from vetted sources including public records, company websites, and social media.
  • Our meticulous verification includes email checks and data cross-referencing, ensuring that you receive only active and verified lead information.

Comprehensive Data Enrichment

  • Go beyond basic details; Funnl.ai augments your leads with actionable insights like job titles, revenue, industry, and employee count.
  • Whether you’re targeting startups or global corporations, our enrichment features help you tailor your sales and marketing approaches.

Zero in on Decision-Makers

  • Skip bureaucratic hurdles by using our smart contact search to connect directly with key influencers, from CEOs to mid-level managers.

Minimum input and maximum output

  • Our advanced AI filtration requires just two inputs: your target clientele URLs and the functions you want to reach, making lead selection seamless and efficient.

Unparalleled Data Security

  • Your data’s safety is non-negotiable. We employ cutting-edge encryption and strict privacy measures to keep your information secure at all times.

Always Up-to-Date Databases

  • Our databases are regularly updated to eliminate outdated contacts and introduce new, relevant leads, so your strategies are always fuelled by fresh data.

Powerful Reporting and CRM Integration

  • Generate insightful reports to visualize sales patterns and make data-driven decisions.
  • Funnl.ai supports manual uploads of enriched lead data to your CRM system, and can even offer custom features upon request.
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Targeted Advanced Search Features

  • Use specific criteria like industry, company size, and location to find the leads most aligned with your business needs.

Stay Informed with Real-Time Notifications

  • Receive immediate updates on prospect interactions, allowing for timely and effective engagement.

Join the New Age of B2B Sales and Marketing

Elevate your B2B sales strategy with Funnl.ai’s intelligent, secure, and customizable lead generation and enrichment services. Make informed decisions and connect with the right prospects, efficiently and effectively.

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