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FunnL is a platform that helps to bring great business intelligence, the key executives, sales and business development professionals under one roof to make strategic decisions for the sales pipeline development. It helps to visualize all the data points necessary to design and execute the sales lead generation campaigns, and all the key metrics, and KPIs associated with them. The reporting and the analytics section on the platform delivers the insights which is the cumulative result of multiple data sources and data points captured from the campaigns. The ultimate goal is to achieve sales and business development.

The accounts can be set up easily without any complexities. The customer receives a notification mail from FunnL and he/she can follow the step by step instructions to set up the accounts. It takes 10 – 15 minutes to add and assign the members. The account is up and ready. The project head can add members and designate them specific roles concerned to sales, marketing, finance\billing and so on.

No, it’s very simple to access the platform and the dashboards. The members are assigned specific roles and all the information as per the job functions and accountability can be viewed and accessed.

Yes, the reports can be customised as per data points relating to industry, regions, departments, job functions and roles, duration of the campaign, response analysis and category, pipeline view, meeting status (upcoming, scheduled, completed) and many more.

We have multiple options in the engagement model. You can choose the plan depending on the needs of your business. Please visit engagement.

All data, reports, and analytics will be available on the platform. If you want to have access to these reports you need to subscribe to the specific plan or upgrade to the premium plan based on your requirements. Please visit engagement.

You will be able to create and assign members as per their roles/responsibilities. Apart from that, you will have the accessibility to review a lead, accept and confirm the schedule, provide your feedback for every meeting. In case you want to upload any, “target, list” or, “Do Not Contact list”, drop a mail or raise a request to the Account Manager at FunnL.

We can run multiple campaigns at any given point of time provided the buyer persona or lead definition parameter is unique for each of the campaign.

The minimum duration of engagement is 5-6 months which helps to run and stabilize. It further helps to measure the performance and results of the campaign.

The invoices are auto-generated at the end of every month based on the subscription plan and number of completed meetings. You can choose from various choices accessible on the platform. Choices accessible are Wire Transfer, PayPal, Visa.

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