Exactly What is a Sales Enablement Manager?

roles of sales enablement manager


When it comes to sales enablement, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works for one company might not work for another, and what works in one industry might not for others. Then it stands to reason that the same ambiguity would apply to the position of sales enablement manager. The credentials and skills may vary significantly among companies.


Nevertheless, the role of sales enablement managers is one of the essential components of any effective sales enablement team; some are responsible for enablement on their own, while others are part of a team. Furthermore, sales enablement managers’ roles and responsibilities vary from company to company depending on size, ideology, etc. So, what exactly is a sales enablement manager?


What is a Sales Enablement Manager?


Sales enablement managers are corporate professionals who help equip sales teams with the information and resources they need to achieve their goals successfully.


The sales enablement manager is the person within a sales enablement team responsible for launching projects and strategies that enable client-facing teams, like marketing, inside sales, outside sales, etc., to successfully execute the essential components of their responsibilities, including revenue generation.


A typical day in the life of a sales enablement manager may include, to mention a few things, generating new sales training material for a future launch date, delivering a training session, setting up a new technology platform, and mentoring sales staff on essential skills and competencies.


Along with that, sales enablement managers also keep a careful eye on what’s working and what’s not, intending to refine existing strategies constantly.


Qualities of a Good Sales Enablement Manager?


A successful sales enablement manager possesses many skills to be effective in their role. They must be able to wear many hats and juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Let’s look at some skills a good sales enablement manager should possess. 


Highly adept


Sales enablement managers should be highly adept at project management and organize their efforts according to the activities that will provide the most value to their firm. They should recognize that to be successful, sales teams must be provided with the necessary tools and resources and work hard to ensure they have access to everything they require. Additionally, they should always seek ways to optimize procedures and make things more efficient.


Excellent communication


A sales enablement manager ensures that all salespeople have the information and tools they need to succeed. Therefore, the ability to communicate well is essential for this job. In addition, the sales enablement manager should be aware of organizational changes, such as new product offers or updated sales content. 


They are responsible for ensuring that all salespeople are informed of the changes and understand how they will affect their sales techniques. Furthermore, the sales enablement manager should effectively convey the sales team’s needs to other departments within the organization for maximum effectiveness.




A sales enablement manager is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s sales force. Therefore, a sales enablement manager should be a strategic thinker comfortable dealing with data to be effective in this profession. They should make data-driven decisions and use metrics and observations to find and improve areas in the sales process and future cycles.


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A successful sales enablement manager is in charge of developing and implementing a company’s sales enablement initiatives. To guarantee strategic alignment across all areas, the sales enablement manager must have prior experience in sales and marketing. 


In addition, this job necessitates excellent leadership abilities, strategic thinking, and the ability to interact successfully with other departments. As a result, you can lead a successful sales enablement team with the correct blend of expertise and training.


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