Engaging Your Prospects Effectively Before A Sales Pitch.

Banner Image Engaging Your Prospects Effectively Before A Sales Pitch

It is well-known that it takes ten times as long to make a sale if the prospect is not ready to or comfortable with the purchase. The best way to solve it is to engage your prospect before selling, you can do that by first finding out what they are interested in and then getting them talking about themselves. Once you have their attention, you can ask questions for clarification and then move in with your sales pitch.

The goal here is not necessarily to convince the prospect that they should follow suit; instead, it’s more important for them to just hear someone else’s story and see how others overcome their difficulties.

So, how can you make sure this happens?

Many sales professionals find MQM to be an invaluable tool. It helps them identify prospects that are more likely to purchase a product or service. There are many benefits to MQM as a standalone tool – knowing how MQM works before utilizing it as a part of the lead conversion funnel is highly recommended.

MQM is a meeting between the sales team and qualified prospects where they discuss the prospect’s needs and wants before any formal sales pitch. These meetings can often make a sale because it factors in the input of the prospect in their purchasing decisions. This is one of the reasons why they are the new preferred calls to action by B2B marketers!

Using MQM To Engage Your Prospects:

MQMs can help identify your target audience’s pain points so that you can better market your product to them. This strategy should be used by every company that is serious about building long-term relationships with their customers! You’ll also see an increase in conversion rates and overall sales numbers – a natural after-effect of investing in marketing-qualified meetings.

One of the most important things when marketing a product or service is knowing exactly who your customer base is and how they are going to use it to relieve their pain points. MQM allows for this by providing a different perspective on what problems need fixing, as well as which demographics would be interested in said product/service; this allows companies to have an accurate idea of their target demographic before further investment into strategies and solutions. This ends up saving on unnecessary expenses.

MQM can also be used to promote the company as a whole and help with branding campaigns. They have also been found to increase customer satisfaction, reduce conflict rates, and result in a better probability of long-term success when done correctly. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most successful strategies is storytelling – telling stories about how other people solved problems or achieved goals in a similar situation.

Engaging your prospective customers before they decide on whether or not to purchase any product/service from you allows them to find out about what they want and need while giving you an idea on how best to sell yourself. This way, companies save time and money spent attempting to strategize sales in resistant demographic areas, which ultimately results in more profit margins.

FunnL is a global pioneer when it comes to B2B lead generation and qualification. We specialize in marketing qualified meetings to help you make more sales. With a portfolio of over 25,000 successful meetings conducted, our team of professional experts is ready to help you gain a competitive edge in your industry! Contact FunnL today for an appointment with one of our team members so that we can start building a marketing plan tailored specifically for your business needs and goals. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about your industry or what you want from your next meeting!


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