Emerging Inside Sales Trends In The B2B Sector

Emerging Inside Sales Trends In The B2B Sector

Inside sales is one sector that is gaining immense recognition in the B2B sector since it is cost-effective and easily scalable. Inside sales have enabled businesses to expand their prospect outreach, and engage them through various inside sales tools. It’s estimated that soon B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur through digital channels.

Let’s briefly explore some areas that support the emergence of the latest inside sales trends in the B2B sector.

Embracing Technology

Technology enriches inside sales to make the customer experience more fulfilling and the sales experience easier. In fact, a simple video conferencing can turn a phone call into a meeting that brings together decision-makers even if they are spread across the world. Further, as augmented reality becomes more mainstream, representatives will be able to perform demos for an even wider range of products.

Adopting AI and automation

The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can take on the most repetitive tasks and routine administrative chores. In the coming years, AI is expected to grow enormously and boost productivity, especially in prospecting and sales. Chatbots and CTA links are a great way for buyer engagement as they instantly provide them the needed information and assistance. AI can provide inside sales with greater insight into a prospect’s state of mind and readiness to buy, and even recommend when to pitch them for sales.

Working closely with marketing

In the B2B sector, it’s crucial to align marketing with inside sales so that both departments have a clear understanding of their target prospects. Both marketing and sales processes generate huge volumes of valuable data on customer preferences and the flow of this data must be both ways to create more accurate selling assumptions.

Outsourcing inside sales 

Automation has enabled third-party agencies to execute an organization’s complete inside sales process- from identifying leads to implementing SQMs. Inside sales platforms such as FunnL understand your target segments, use data to identify leads, market to different segments using different platforms, and then quickly set up an SQM to convert those qualified leads into customers.

Today’s inside salesforce must be digitally equipped with in-depth technical knowledge and social presence. Because of the high demand for such skills, organizations are becoming increasingly comfortable with outsourcing their sales tasks to skilled inside sales professionals.

FunnL is an all-in-one inside sales platform that helps to visualize all the data points necessary to design and execute the sales lead generation campaigns, and all the key metrics, and KPIs associated with them to achieve sales and business development. Contact FunnL to scale your business and boost ROI.


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