Email Marketing Stats for 2024: The Top List

email marketing stats


You should be clear that you’re not sacrificing your valuable dollars and time while launching a business with a limited budget. Social media posts, video campaigns, and webinars are relatively recent methods for marketers to connect with their target audience.


However, a technique as effective as an email marketing campaign must be taken seriously when marketing your products or services. Statistics enunciate that you shouldn’t let your modern communication tools prevent you from focusing on email marketing. Since email ROI is so high, it’s a tried-and-true strategy.


Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2024


What will email marketing look like in 2024? How can you use it to prepare your next email marketing campaign? Here is a compilation of fascinating email marketing statistics.


  1. Massive amount of emails sent to clients

Over 333.2 billion emails will be sent daily by 2024 alone, which is expected to exceed $375 billion by 2025. Teams may cut back in other areas, but email is still famous for lead nurturing, customer service, and sales outreach.


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  1. Power of welcome emails

One of the best methods to gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is to look at open rates. It reveals the number of email opens you’ve received. Who doesn’t want their email marketing strategy to be successful, after all?


The welcome email dominates engagement, with an 82% average open rate. It also receives four times as many available and ten times as many clicks as other email types. You can use this when creating an email campaign for your expanding audience.


  1. Impressive ROI 

QA, A/B, and spam testing your emails achieve a higher ROI. When you use testing for your email program, you can expect a 28% higher return.


As you’ve undoubtedly heard, email marketing has a remarkable ROI of $42 for every dollar invested. Although this statistic is from 2019 and has yet to be updated, it’s not hard to guess that its worth has only increased since then.


  1. Rapidly growing email marketing revenue

The worldwide email marketing market was estimated to be worth 7.5 billion US dollars in 2020, rising to 17.9 billion by 2027. By the end of 2024, email marketing revenue will be close to $11 billion. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 13.3 %.


  1. Proven effective for B2B marketers

To take advantage of leadership behavior and “strike while the iron is hot,” email marketing software is profitable when setting up email sequences. Below are some critical B2B email marketing statistics to keep in mind:


  • Email newsletters are the type of content marketing that 81% of B2B marketers say they utilize the most.
  • According to 64% of B2B marketers, their email marketing campaigns successfully achieved their company’s objectives for 2021.
  • 15.8% of emails are either lost or blocked by popular spam filters.
  • According to B2B marketers, new product and feature announcement marketing emails get the highest click-through rates. (source)
  1. Usage as a content marketing tool

According to the statistics, 87% of marketers utilize email marketing to distribute their information as part of a content marketing approach. Email ranks second in popularity for distributing material, barely 89% behind social media. A third of marketers also use paid collaborations to promote their content to their partners’ email databases. (source)


  1. Mobile marketing scenarios

Mobile devices account for most email views (41%), followed by desktops (39%). And launching a mobile-responsive email design can boost unique mobile clicks by 15%. Mobile-friendly emails are used by 56% of marketers as part of their email marketing strategy. (source)


  1. Impact of personalized emails

People enjoy receiving emails, but when tailored to their needs and personalized, they seem to enjoy them even more.


According to a survey, 88% of participants stated they see emails that seem to have been prepared specifically for them (source). Marketers use personalized emails to imply that they can read your mind and understand your needs. 


Also, better client satisfaction (58%), greater CTR (75%), and enhanced open rates (82%) are the top 3 benefits of employing customization in email marketing (source).


  1. The success of email automation

The open rate for autoresponder emails is an incredible 98%, and the click-through rate is 37%. Around 85% of marketing professionals utilize email marketing software to assist them in automating campaigns because automation is typically quite successful. (source)


47% of marketers believe automation is cost-effective. 5% of respondents thought mechanization enhanced message targeting. Triggered emails get eight times more open and revenue than standard bulk emails. (source)


Now that you have data supported by research, you can maximize your marketing efforts and demonstrate their value. Although marketing tactics change as customer behavior does, these figures show that email marketing is here to stay!


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