Email Marketing Campaigns: How to Write Catchy Subject Lines



Email subject lines can mean a campaign’s failure or success. Customers give businesses just seven seconds to establish a solid first impression. So, whenever you send an email, use a catchy subject line. Even if your email body is fantastic, people won’t open it if the title doesn’t grab their attention.


Writing catchy subject lines that will cause a real human to open the email requires extensive testing. But it is undoubtedly one of the most crucial components of an email marketing strategy! This article tells you how to create concise subject lines to help you plan your next email marketing campaign.


What Are Email Subject Lines?


Email subscribers interact with your email marketing campaigns for the first time through email subject lines.


Did you know that while 69% of email recipients mark emails as spam based only on the subject line, only 47% of email users open emails based on the subject line? Emails without a subject line generally have an open rate of 8% higher than emails with one, while emails with personalized subject lines have a 22% higher open rate. (source)


So, no matter how carefully you plan your campaigns, they are useless if no one ever sees the content you produce. Because of this, every email marketing campaign must always use engaging email subject lines as an effective strategy.


How To Write Catchy Email Subject Lines?


  1. Establish the true intention of your email

The emails you send out should reflect the true purpose for which they’re being sent. So think about your email’s true purpose and use that as a launching point for your subject line.

Suppose your email subject line doesn’t align with this. In that case, it will be counterintuitive to sender and recipient alike – not only does this make them likely to avoid opening or reading an email, but it also means there’s less chance of someone clicking on those links to visit whatever web page was promised!


  1. Use a tempting call-to-action

What will prompt the users to click the email link you send them? Do you want to include or hint at freebies, discounts, or new information? What about your offer is compelling enough for them to check it out or learn more about it? It is alluring to include a call to action with an ambiguous incentive, and with this step, you can inspire higher open rates among your audience.


  1. Draft subject lines of more than two

Write comparable subject lines with different wording and tones. Create a draft with more than two subject lines; so you can avoid mulling over the same sentence for too long. You should have a few options to pick from to create a catchy subject line easier.


  1. Work on the reviewing step

Ask other team members to study the subject lines and record their feedback. Getting a second opinion always works since it allows you to view the situation from another angle.


  1. Test the subject lines – The most important step

Run an A/B test to determine which subject line is engaging and which isn’t. 

According to Mailchimp, A/B testing should be a component of your email marketing strategy to deliver the content that email subscribers want, and it also improves your email marketing statistics (source).

So, use the email subject line that performed the best in the test for your upcoming email marketing campaign.


Statistics – Which elements should you highlight in your email subject line?


  • 35% of email receivers only read the subject line before opening the message.
  • Those with the recipient’s first name in the subject line had a greater clickthrough rate than emails without it. (source)
  • Emails with the subject “free” were opened 10% more frequently than emails without. (source)
  • Subject lines with a sense of urgency and exclusivity can increase open rates by 22%. (source)
  • Emoji usage in email subject lines increases email open rates for 56% of brands. (source)


So, are you prepared to write catchy email subject lines immediately? Remember that understanding the actual performance of your email marketing efforts is crucial for marketers. Therefore, always ensure that the subject lines are highly personalized and segmented to stay relevant. Include unique words without deviating from your brand motto.


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