Do’s and Don’ts of a Sales Qualified Meeting

Do's and Don'ts of a Sales Qualified Meeting

Customer acquisition begins with the lead generation process and ends at conversion. Turning a prospect into a customer involves a series of steps that need to be properly executed. One such important step in the sales cycle is the scheduling of a Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM). 

What is SQM?

A sales qualified meeting is when the prospect agrees to continue the sales process by exploring your company’s products and services in detail. SQMs are a great opportunity to turn potential clients into customers, therefore, they must be of high standards. In other words, when the buyer is ready to close a deal with your company, that meeting is termed as a sales qualified meeting.

Protocols of a sales qualified meeting.

Just like any official conference, a sales meeting also has certain regulations and professional etiquettes to be followed by the sales reps that are significant in order to close a deal. Let’s have a look at these do’s & don’ts. 


Listen to your prospective buyers

A sales rep should always pay attention to what the prospect is saying. This will help you understand the challenges they are facing in business and how you can provide your products and services as a solution to those pain points.

Build trust with effective communication  

To make the meeting worthwhile for the prospect, having an effective conversation is imperative. Sales reps should do complete research and be well informed before scheduling a sales qualified meeting so that they can solve every query and doubt of the potential buyer. 

Customize your approach to suit the needs of the buyer

It is crucial to use a personalized approach for each prospect in order to make them feel privileged and relevant. This will help the lead feel more connected with the sales team.

Engage the prospect 

It is important to capture your buyer’s full attention at the meeting. This can be done by using informational and interactive tools such as PPTs, online demos, product-related videos, etc. to engage the lead.

Focus on your product’s USP

Laying down special details about your product or service and how it can help in providing a solution to the potential buyer will help in quick decision-making on behalf of the prospect, thereby, accelerating the sales process.

Try to offer solutions to the pain points

To keep the meeting short and to the point, emphasize your product’s main benefits that can help provide relevant solutions to the prospect’s business challenges. 

End the meeting with action steps for the buyer

Finally, lay down a clear course of action while concluding the meeting to provide a direct path for your lead to follow after the meeting. It could be a call to action (CTA) or making an offer to the client.


Too long meeting

The decision-makers fear one thing the most while attending any sales meeting- it’s time duration. Don’t let it happen in your case. Plan your SQM such that it optimizes the time invested by both the parties and delivers a result-oriented outcome for your prospect.

Over-selling your products or services

The client should not feel that you are trying to convince too hard for your product. This will make the prospect act defensive and he might lose interest in what you are offering. Let the product and its solutions do the convincing task. 

Conduct a one-sided meeting

Don’t let the client think that you are not listening to their side of the story as this may lead them to think that you just want to close the deal. Your sales qualified meeting approach should be totally customer-centric. Otherwise, your SQM will not lead to the goal of converting the prospect.

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