Data Enrichment: What is it? 

Data enrichment is the process of adding value to data. Generally, data enrichment involves supplementing existing information by adding missing or incomplete data. It is typically accomplished through external data sources. It can involve adding extra information, such as geographic location data, or it can involve cleaning and transforming the data to make it more useful.

Enriched data can be done manually or through automated means and can involve a variety of data sources. The goal of data enrichment is to increase the accuracy and completeness of the data set, making it more useful for analytics and decision-making purposes.

What Are Data Enrichment Services?

Data enrichment services are platforms that allow businesses to enhance and clean their customer data. Data enrichment can include standardizing customer data, identifying duplicates, and appending missing information.

Businesses use data enrichment services to improve their customer data’s accuracy and completeness. This can help businesses more effectively target their marketing efforts and improve their customer service operations. Data enrichment can also help businesses detect fraud and other malicious activity.

What Are Data Enrichment Tools?

Data enrichment tools are software applications that allow you to add or modify information in a database. They can be used to clean up data, fill in missing values, or add new dimensions to your data set. These tools can help increase the accuracy and completeness of your data, which can be valuable for business intelligence (BI) initiatives and other analytics projects.

Data enrichment tools help by providing additional data that can be used to improve the accuracy of models and predictions. They can also help to provide new insights into the dataset that would otherwise be unavailable. 

For example, a data enrichment tool could add in geographic data to provide information on where users are located. This could be used to improve predictions about what type of content is most popular in different regions.

The Benefits Of Data Enrichment

Making raw data more useful

A single dataset is not enough to build an ideal benefactor view. Data enrichment allows companies to make their raw data valuable and insightful. It can add more value to the data, giving more analysis options and making the data easier to work with.

More engaged customers

When you have a complete and accurate customer profile, you can send them more relevant and targeted messages that will likely engage them. 

Improved segmentation

Segmenting your customers by their demographics, interests, and other factors allows you to craft messages that appeal specifically to them, increasing the chances that they’ll respond positively. 

Better decision making

Having access to rich customer data allows you to make better decisions about where to allocate resources, what products or services to offer, and how best to reach out.

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