Criteria for B2B Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM)

Criteria for B2B Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM)

A Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM) is the most critical step in a sales process therefore, it should be of top-standard to ensure a favourable outcome for the organization. An SQM is the 5th stage of the buyer’s journey where they start as a visitor to ultimately become a customer.

The importance of an SQM cannot be overemphasized as it is the defining stage of whether your lead will close or not. In other words, SQM is the result of an inside sales team’s efforts towards identifying the target audience and providing solutions to business pain points to convert them into customers.

In this FunnL Blog, we will be discussing the benchmarks that decide a sales qualified meeting.

Prospect’s pain points

While every lead may or may not be qualified enough to become a buyer, identifying their needs and the challenges they are facing is the first step towards a B2B Sales Qualified Meeting. If the lead is not facing any challenges, then it might not qualify for an SQM as it doesn’t require your products or services in the first place.

Another viewpoint for this situation can be the prospect is not aware of the challenges they might be facing in business, so in that case, you could just provide a demo or email a presentation of how your product or service can benefit their organization.


Budget is an important factor that determines an SQM. If your client is interested in buying the solution from your company but cannot afford it, it’s difficult to step ahead in the sales. However, you can have a conversation regarding budget issues and ways to overcome them to continue the sales process.


If the prospect that you are involved in a sales conversation doesn’t have the authority to make purchase-related decisions for their firm, then the conversation may prove unfruitful for both parties. Therefore, make sure that the decision-makers are involved at all times of an ongoing sales conversation to avoid delays in the decision-making process.

Relevant solution

Your product or services should provide the exact solution that the prospect is looking for, or else there is no possibility for an SQM. The more relevant your product is to the prospective buyer, the more are the chances of a sales qualified meeting. has been successfully generating sales qualified meetings with the help of their dedicated team and the right approach as a part of its framework. FunnL is the fastest growing platform to generate successful SQMs and has generated more than 10,000 leads for about 100 companies from various industries. Our only business is B2B Sales Qualified Meeting (SQM) generation. Contact us for all your sales and business development needs.

Want to crack an SQM successfully? Follow these amazing tips about the dos and don’ts of a sales qualified meeting.


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