Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Try in 2020

Lead generation is an essential part of the sales funnel and a well-designed marketing strategy can help you in this process. 61% of marketing professionals or marketers say that generating leads and website traffic are among their biggest challenges.

Before examining lead generation, let us understand why leads are so important and why companies are placing considerable focus on lead generation. For starters, before you get to the sales funnel you need to start with lead generation. Long story short, lead generation is the step before marketing begins and a key link for sales conversions. Things like email signature generators, webinars, giveaways, and beyond can help in the lead generation process.

Here are creative lead generation ideas that we think you should try in 2020:

1- Produce a product video

Do you know that product videos have the power to generate leads to 33% and we, 65% are visual learners? Not only that, but videos also give an incredibly valuable way of engaging with a large proportion of prospects. 

The interesting part is, to make these types of videos they don’t have to be high-budget or complex, as long as they are well-edited and give value to the purpose. 

2- Start with Blogs

If you do not have a blog, you should start one. A blog is among the popular marketing channels used today and it can increase your social platforms and email marketing content efforts and help you increase leads and ultimately increase sales.

72% of marketing professionals agree that content marketing helps increase leads. Blogs are a great way to direct your content marketing efforts to encourage people to subscribe to your content and ultimately product or service.

3- Give lesser choices

By giving a potential customer fewer options to think over, they are far more likely to make an informed decision and take action rather than filling themselves with doubts and jump off your web page.

If you’re running a campaign, try offering one clear-cut option based on the desired call to action instead of presenting several possible choices, and in the end, you’re likely to increase your conversion rate up to 25%.

4- Google Pay-Per-Click advertising

Depending on your industry, Google pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising can be an extremely cost-effective way to generate traffic to a landing page or lead generation form.

Custom ads are set up to display when certain search queries are entered. You don’t pay until someone clicks, as the name suggests. By targeting keywords and queries with a high conversion plan, highly qualified traffic can be effectively funneled into your site.

5- Create an email course

When you convince your prospects to subscribe to your services, they might not be interested or not aware of the process. Instead of telling them, educate them first. While a lead might not be interested in making a purchase the moment they come into contact with your company, they will be on the lookout for valuable information.

An email course gives this value proposition of knowledge and warms up your lead towards a buying decision. Use this technique before any paid promotion to build trust with your target audience before building brand recall. 

6- Give Free trial

The best part of a free trial is that you voluntarily get lead information. Leads or prospects get involved in this because they get the first-hand experience of software or platform. If someone is subscribing to a free trial then they are interested in the service you offer in someplace. These individuals can be valuable leads. But only 25% of free trial users convert to paying customers. In this case, either your product needs to work on its value or you are not nurturing your leads enough. Use the trial information to identify what the problem might be and improve your trial to subscription rates. 

7- Revisit your ‘about us’ page

The ‘about us’ page should be viewed differently like ‘what we do’ or ‘meet the team’ but instead, it should serve one primary purpose: to generate leads. Many people ignore this fact, but it’s true, and if your ‘about us’ page is simple, conflicting, or poorly worded, you’re missing a trick.

By optimizing your about page, you will be strengthening one of your main connection points for customers and you will help to boost your lead generation efforts massively. You can do this by:

  • Including a clearly defined value proposition in your headline
  • Breaking your copy up into smaller, more digestible chunks
  • Ending with a compelling call to action
  • Including an eye-grabbing image or graphic that isn’t overly busy

Take these measures and you’ll start to see results.

8- Sales Qualified Meetings

A qualified lead means you are one step away from a sales meeting to discuss your product or solution with a prospect. But how do you know when you have a qualified lead?  Many sales reps fixed the meeting but they are not aware whether the client is interested or not. Unfortunately, many companies do not complete this process to qualify a prospect for a meeting. 

With Sales qualified Meetings, the client gets a better idea about the company’s products and services. Our definition of a qualified lead is – Request for a telephone or in-person meeting in response to a message marketing. If you’re looking to improve your lead generation skills and gain a greater understanding of digital marketing techniques, Contact FunnL!


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