Creating Engaging Email Campaigns That Hook Readers And Rank Well on Google

Gaining engagement rates from campaigns is one of the significant problems marketers have to deal with. Obtaining your customers’ email addresses is a great privilege, but getting them to open your email can be tricky. So, if you do not want your emails to fall flat, you must start hunting for solutions immediately. 


However, new trends and technologies make it easy to get bogged down with your marketing strategies and efforts. But do not worry, as this article will show you some effective ways to make your campaigns more engaging. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some tips and tricks to tweak your email marketing operations to the next level:


1. Be narrative


Storytelling will make a difference if you need help with your email marketing campaigns. Yes, you heard that because storytelling has been proven to increase a product’s value by up to 20 times (source).


When you add narrative content to your email campaign, you can turn your ideas into something your customers can understand. In addition, such content will frequently compel your audience to read your message and take a specific action.

Therefore, if you want to increase conversions, ensure your email campaigns have a compelling story.


2. Build a good impression with an engaging subject line

So, how can you make your marketing email stand out? The “subject line” is what customers see in their inbox, which helps them decide whether to open your email. Hence, make an effort to write powerful subject lines and get more people to open your emails.


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3. Employ the “inverted pyramid” model

With a short span, you can’t expect your audience to read your campaigns. Instead, they will scan them. Because of this, it’s crucial to structure your campaigns to outline the core object of your message. This is precisely what an inverted pyramid model does. This model presents information to clarify the main message to your audience and improve conversion.


How does the inverted pyramid model work?


This paradigm places the most informative details in the top layer, followed by less critical data. But, of course, you must also apply this technique to your campaigns, so avoid lengthy intros and jump straight to the point by addressing questions such as who, why, and how. Such a logical flow can grab your reader’s attention and make it easier for them to understand what you want them to do.


4. Boost your campaigns with videos


Creating a strong connection with customers is the best way to maximize your engagement rates, and no tool is quite as effective at building this relationship as video. With videos, you can add a personal touch to your campaigns and, eventually, spark an emotion in your customers’ minds. 


As a result, they can deliver your campaigns more authentically, which fosters trust and makes your email marketing approach even more engaging.


5. Develop a mobile-friendly email marketing campaign


You might be surprised to learn that 60% of email opens come from mobile devices (source). With the increased use of mobile devices across the globe, your email marketing campaigns need to adapt to your users’ styles. In other words, your email touchpoints should be responsive to mobile devices. 


To achieve that, you must optimize your campaign’s content and make sure your email messages are well-visible on mobile screens. Doing so can improve your user experience and act as an alternative way to drive increased engagement rates.


6. Provide real value for your customers


It is not enough to just add a “sales pitch” and deliver your message to thousands of audiences. Your customers have numerous options, which keeps them moving around. If you genuinely want them to land on your place, offering “real value” can make it happen. 


Your customers seek valuable experience and rely only on those who can understand and listen to them. Therefore, you must create value that your customers consider worthy of their time. 


Real value can be offered in several different ways:

  • Valuable information – Include informative content in your campaigns and allow your subscribers to learn something fresh and knowledgeable.
  • Emotional value – Make your email campaigns more inspirational to your readers and encourage them to take positive action in the future.
  • Exclusive value – Provide exclusive offers to pique your audience’s attention and show them your genuine care for their needs and desires.

7. Measure your traffic and increase your engagement time


Today’s world offers a wide variety of tools and technologies that can be used to track your email campaigns. For example, with tools like Google Analytics, you can examine your open rates, click-through rates, and other important metrics. 


Such KPIs can help you tailor your campaigns to your users’ needs’ hence, there’s a good chance of increasing your engagement time. You can also conduct an A/B test to see which campaigns can direct more traffic to your site.


Email is one of the most widely used communication channels. It’s the perfect chance to engage with customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to find out what appeals most to customers. Then, developing a user-based email campaign can significantly change your digital marketing efforts.


Mastering your email marketing campaign requires experimentation and patience. Well, it’s about what works best for your audience and your company’s voice style. We hope you will use the above ideas for your email marketing operation and generate even better campaign engagement rates.


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