Content Types You Need to Create for Sales Enablement



While marketers devote a lot of time and effort to courting prospects and customers, they frequently overlook the sales department, arguably the most crucial audience. Having the required sales enablement platforms isn’t enough to go beyond the goalpost. You should acknowledge the saying – “The delivery of the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right place” – sales enablement as defined by IDC (check the 7th slide).


B2B sales processes are frequently quite complex; hence, many formats and types of content should be on the list of your requirements. What kind of content should you produce for your sales team, then? 


We’ve compiled several content categories sales enablement teams should find, produce, and offer to provide top-notch support for sales.


Facilitate Sales Enablement With The Right Content Types


The seven necessary content categories you can employ to create top-notch sales enablement solutions are in the list below:


  1. Informative blog posts

Have you just claimed that blogs aren’t examples of content that helps with sales? Wrong. Since the primary purpose of this deliverable is to entice potential prospects and customers, this kind of resource isn’t often employed (but should be) to train and equip the sales team.


Blogs can be used at any stage of the buying process and are appropriate for buyers and salespeople. For example, using blogs, salespeople can figure out what type of content attracts prospects so that they can tailor their sales pitch accordingly.


  1. Product and industry content

Product and industry knowledge on the sales floor significantly depend on sales enablement. The sales force must have better equipment to identify customer pain points, present solutions to those problems, and prove your company’s superiority to competing products on the market if they have the right product and industry content.


You may address the following straightforward questions in this piece of content:


  • The product is for whom?
  • How does it work?
  • How is it helpful?
  • What is the price?

Any initial encounter with a prospect requires having a document like this on hand that details the brand’s essential products and services.


  1. Sales scripts

Salespeople frequently fail to close deals because they lack crucial information. Here, traditional marketing tactics converge with digitally improved sales enablement tactics, and sales scripts come into the picture.


Sales scripts are a crucial component of a sales strategy when correctly written. In addition, these scripts serve as a foundation for uniformity inside the sales funnel. However, remember that sales scripts should be regarded as a guide rather than being read aloud to a prospect to be successful sales enablement solutions.


  1. Competitor analysis reports

Sales representatives must know what their competitors offer and how their brand stands out. According to Forbes,


  • Competitive analysis helps you establish benchmarks.
  • It allows you to identify and fill the necessary gaps in your client’s business.
  • It helps you to specify the ‘why’ element.

While independent competitor research is a good practice for sales representatives, sales enablement should give them the knowledge they can utilize to demonstrate the worth of your solution.


  1. Whitepapers and Ebooks

For B2B marketing, white papers and e-books frequently offer a comprehensive report or how-to about a particular product or service and aim to inform its audience. 


According to studies, white papers are 83% effective when nurturing your leads. Therefore, you can quickly target your potential leads and convert them into paying clients by providing focused content using white papers. (source)


They often provide statistics and information about how a brand’s service or product can meet a prospect’s needs. In addition, past eBooks and whitepapers can be referenced if a sales professional needs an informational boost.


  1. Social media messages

Despite not being part of the traditional sales toolbox, social media content and messages significantly impact buyers’ purchasing decisions. This information, whether a detailed blog article or a 30-second video, is valuable to salespeople attempting to stay in touch with prospects.


To sum up, concentrate more of your efforts on producing content targeted toward the sales division. All productivity and activities on the ground depend on good sales enablement. Therefore, any B2B organization that wants to remain competitive must have a strategy; it is no longer a choice!


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