Content for Sales Enablement: 5 Traits To Consider


Businesses everywhere want to ensure that their marketing efforts churn out enough sales, engagements, and conversions. However, with so many strategies available, we often overlook how sales enablement content is closely related to marketing. 


Yes, it’s a powerful tool that helps your sales reps effectively engage with your prospects. Your product or service may have a lot of potential, and your sales team may be highly skilled, but you still need to harness the power of sales enablement content to close deals faster.


Did you know that 65% of sales representatives struggle to find meaningful content to send to their prospects? (source). Even with proper planning, your efforts can sometimes yield less than savory results. But don’t worry, because here in this article, we’ll uncover five guidelines that can assist you and your team in producing quality sales enablement content for your clients:


1. Add less text and more visuals


Visuals are one of the best tools in your company’s sales enablement toolkit. Adding them to your content can empower your salespeople in ways that text can’t. Because they effectively help the sales reps to summarize the key points in just one glance, which can be very helpful when they are on a call with a prospect. 


In addition, they draw your lead’s attention to the main points and help them to understand your key takeaways. Thus, they serve the needs of both your leads and sales team, resulting in impressive deals for your business. Therefore, include more graphics and limit the text in your sales enablement content.


2. Make it accessible to everyone


The lack of effective sales enablement content can be detrimental to a sales rep’s ability to build and maintain sales momentum. As you know, time is of the essence when it comes to closing new clients. 


However, your sales team’s valuable time is often wasted searching for and utilizing content, making it challenging for them to sustain the sales momentum required to seal a deal. That’s why it’s essential to focus on bringing up “up-to-date sales enablement content” that is available and accessible to every team member.


3. It should be driven by facts and data



Your leads need a great ROI from your products and services so that they won’t make a purchase lightly. Instead, they want to fully understand your product and its benefits before they feel confident purchasing it. 


Therefore, creating content that entails facts and data about your products and services is essential. Your leads will be more likely to convert if you support your claims with such data-driven facts. This enables them to verify the value of your offerings and build trust in your business.


So, when developing sales enablement content, ensure your sales professionals have reliable data to offer valuable insights to your prospects. Plus, add stats and figures further to increase your content’s impact and informative value.


4. Create a tailored and personalized content


These days, content personalization is practically a requirement, especially if you want to make an impression on your prospects. However, personalization isn’t just about sending personalized content; instead, it’s about understanding what content your audience prefers to consume. 


Producing content tailored to your audience’s needs or challenges can help build relationships with them and speed up your sales cycle. For instance, if you are making a product demo or presentation, you can show how your product can address a problem specific to your prospect’s industry.


5. Employ the power of repurposing



As a marketer, you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes you feel like you need help with creating unique and fresh content. You might be searching for ways to make your job easier while continuing to produce high-quality content. A “repurposing” technique can help you take some weight off your shoulders. With this method, you can present your existing content in a new format. 


Your content does not always need to be created from scratch. Sometimes, all it needs is a bit of refreshing and repurposing. In other words, you must give a fresh lease of life to your old content and continue to gain value from your leads. 


For instance, your current blog can be transformed into a stunning infographic image presenting your main ideas to your readers. However, while performing the repurposing method, you need to make sure that you tweak your content so that it meets your goals’ expectations.


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Sales enablement platforms and solutions can arm your team with everything they need to generate revenue and boost your bottom line. But your team’s enablement efforts require solid content to make it happen. However, effective sales enablement content can help your reps warm up your leads and prime them for conversion. 


Therefore, invest your efforts in producing great sales enablement content and witness returns in the form of increased conversions and better loyalty.


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