Can Sales Operations And Sales Enablement Work Together Better?

sales options and sales enablement


Sales require a committed team effort. Isn’t it? Managing your team is not easy because they can make or break sales. Different groups within your company must huddle together to ensure every deal closes successfully. 


Your business can only experience optimal revenue growth when all parts of your sales work are well aligned with each other. For example, if you are looking for a strategy to generate enough traffic or leads, you will likely require a seamless integration of your sales process flow.


Regarding sales workflows, “sales enablement” and “sales operations” are two critical functions that are pivotal in your organization. These solutions help your sales teams make enough profits and drive great sales. You may employ a sales enablement platform or focus on sales operations. 


However, it would be best if you were with them. Because when these robust solutions are brought together, they can become revenue-driven tools for your business. Yes, you heard it right. In this blog, let us discover what role sales enablement and sales operation play in the sales cycle and how the two work together for a more impactful strategy:


Know More of Each Sales Enablement and Sales Operations


About Sales Enablement


Sales enablement supplies your sales team with the necessary resources to prepare or plan for their entire sales process. These resources might include assets, tools, practices, techniques, or coaching. Here, you need to analyze the performance of each rep to ensure that they have the required skills to close more sales. 


When it comes to sales enablement, there are numerous tasks to handle, and some of the critical strategic functions include the following:


  • Offering continuous learning programs.
  • Assisting reps with product launches and other sales changes.
  • Reporting on metrics related to sales readiness and learning.
  • Providing effective coaching practices to front-line managers and sales leadership.
  • Responsible for recruiting and onboarding new salespeople.
  • Managing and ensuring that your reps have the required sales enablement equipment.
  • Incorporating sales methodology.

Sales enablement solutions can considerably invest in your sales team’s ability to drive revenue growth. For example, did you know that, according to a HubSpot survey, 65% of sales leaders who reported outperforming revenue targets had a dedicated sales enablement team?


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About Sales Operations


The sales operation team also plays a vital role in the sales landscape. Their function is to ensure that the sales process runs smoothly and effectively; they deliver excellent support to reps to do their job efficiently. In addition, they perform several strategic tasks that don’t involve buyer-seller interactions but are critical to sales success. 


For example, they manage areas such as:


  • Establishing compensation, SPIFFs, and incentive plans,
  • Organizing CRM and other tools,
  • Managing sales interactions,
  • Focusing on the Lead routing,
  • Handling proposals and contracts,
  • Administrating forecasts and pipelines,
  • Reporting on sales KPIs,
  • Management of territory and quotas.

Sales Enablement Vs. Sales Operations


Although sales operations and sales enablement may sound similar, there are, in fact, many clear distinctions between the two. Sales enablement empowers the sales team with tech and tools to become more effective in accelerating deals. 


On the other hand, sales operations aim to make the sales process more productive and efficient. For instance, sales enablement offers coaching and training to improve the sales force’s performance during negotiations. At the same time, sales operations employ CRM data to inform reps that their proposal has a certain level of deal margin. 


So, both functions have the same goal of increasing sales efficiency, but they carry out their roles very differently. 


Why Do Sales Operations and Sales Enablement Need to Collaborate?


Sales enablement and sales operations work best when they are aligned together. Let’s look at an example. Your company wishes to use a new sales tool. Sales operations will set it up for your sales team and use relevant data to enhance the sales process. 


On the other side of the room, sales enablement provides training to onboard your team with the new tool. This is how sales operation and enablement work in conjunction with each other, thus setting up your sales force for success. 


So, when both functions work together to boost your sales performance, it’s inevitable that you’ll notice significant improvements in your team’s productivity.


Today’s sales teams must pass through numerous stages to reach the final one. Therefore, they must have the best assets, the best training to get them ready for the sale, and the best support to succeed. This is only possible when critical functions like sales enablement and operations are fully integrated. 


With these two options, you can be assured that your reps will meet and be best equipped to achieve their goals. So, what are you waiting for? Integrate the two robust solutions and start hitting targets for your company’s goal.


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