Boost Your Inside Sales With These Tried & Tested Strategies

Boost Your Inside Sales With These Tried & Tested Strategies

2020 was a total game-changer for the B2B sales sector. Everyone is trying to figure out what will be the inside sales scenario in 2021 and coming up with different approaches. At FunnL, we have come up with some inside sales techniques that we think will help companies to amplify their sales revenues. But before we look at them, let’s understand the basics first.

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What is B2B Inside Sales?

B2B inside sales refers to selling that takes place between two businesses, remotely or virtually. For example, a SaaS company remotely promotes, follows up, and sells software to another company to ease their workload by eliminating redundant manual tasks.

While the B2B sector is often considered more challenging than B2C, there are many opportunities for B2B businesses to meet sales goals when they adapt to changes in their consumers’ buying behaviors and technology. In B2B inside sales, the marketers first have to identify the prospects and then understand their pain points to pitch in for the product or services.

Below are the proven strategies to help escalate B2B sales in 2021

Thorough Research

In B2B sales, it’s crucial to find your ideal customers, and without thorough research, you may not be able to target them. Therefore, conduct interviews with existing clients to understand how they found out about your company, what challenges they were facing, and why they chose to do business with you. Their answers and the buzzwords they use while responding will provide you with enough data to understand your target market and for further lead generation.

Invest in virtual assets

A successful inside sales strategy is futile if you don’t have the required technology to implement it. Your inside sales team should have a well-built analytics process, content library, email automation, and a CRM set up to track progress with each prospect. This way, marketing and sales can work together to find the gaps throughout the entire process and gain valuable information to improve your strategy.

Leverage multiple channels for boosting traffic

Each networking channel serves a different marketing purpose. While social media platforms draw traffic to your site, email marketing results in increased engagement. Inside Sales typically rely on multiple people signing off on a decision so it is important to find out where the users spend most of their time and select the channels that bring the most traffic and engagement for your brand.

Focus on prospect education

Today’s marketing and sales representatives identify their buyer personas and the challenges they are facing which helps them to solve their pain points instead of directly pitching for sales. Focusing on educating the prospects makes more sense since they will be willing to move forward in the sales cycle once you offer them the solution they need.

Offer multiple touch base options

Different prospects at separate stages of the buyer’s journey prefer to communicate in different ways. Some may opt for communication via email, a quick phone call, or even a chatbot, while some may want to schedule a virtual meeting. It’s your job to find how your prospects like to get in touch and converse with your brand.

Embrace thought leadership

Thought leadership is a marketing strategy that solidifies you as an expert within your industry. The goal is to be viewed as knowledgeable and willing to help by branding yourself as an expert. This will make your target audience approach you for their pain points and queries.

FunnL is an intelligent B2B Inside Sales Lead generation platform whose only business is to generate maximum Sales Qualified Meetings (SQM) for customers. We will take care of your entire inside sales process to increase qualified leads in your sales pipeline and generate more revenues for your business. We have leading brands around the globe entrusting us with their Sales Process Outsourcing.


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