Best Tips to Generate Higher MQMs

Best Tips to Generate Higher MQMs

In this FunnL article, we will read about- MQMs, the new key performance indicators that help marketers and sales representatives navigate the sales process efficiently. Initially, a lead would be identified as an MQL and then passed over to the sales department to turn it into SQL (learn more about MQL vs SQL).

Best Tips to Generate Higher MQMs

But what if you could deliver marketing leads in the form of a meeting with a prospect who has requested complete information about your products/services?

Marketing-qualified meetings (MQM) with your prospects drive the inside sales cycle faster to maximize the revenue pipeline. If you are not able to optimize your marketing campaigns to get more customers, then it’s time to consider the latest marketing innovation that most marketers and inside sales representatives are considering as a game-changer for inside sales- MQM. The higher the MQM the more are your chances to maximize SQM for better revenue generation.

Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Qualified Meetings

MQMs drive your pipeline which, in turn, drives the revenue. Here are some helpful tips to increase MQMs for your organization.

  • Incorporate MQMs in your virtual events, webinars, and digital marketing programs to offer your prospects educational and valuable ways to learn more about your offerings- it could be a product demo, an executive briefing, or an online presentation.
  • Apply MQMs as the official CTA across all your digital marketing programs and virtual events that can be clicked to access “schedule a meeting” call-to-action across all demand-generating platforms.
  • Make it easy for a visitor to book a follow-up engagement step such as a demo, webinar, or educational session. Do this by integrating in-bound MQM requests into your pre-event audience mailings, your virtual event environments, and within your follow-up attendee mailings.
  • Allow the prospects to select a range of dates and times for availability as per their convenience (make sure that the dates are based on the availability of your internal resources as well)
  • Automate the process of booking the meetings while capturing key information about the attendees such as what solutions are they looking for, meeting objectives, stage of evaluation, and so on. This will help marketing representatives save time and enhance productivity.

A successful MQM campaign can generate a higher volume of meeting requests, and these must be closely tracked for effectiveness and follow-up. Therefore, to book MQMs at scale marketers should use a marketing automation platform that will automate three time-consuming areas: manual pre-meeting scheduling, workflow management to oversee all meeting requests and confirmations, and post-meeting analytics to understand performance and buyer intent.

FunnL’s all-in-one inside sales platform helps combine business with sales intelligence to make strategic decisions for the pipeline development – ultimately to achieve sales and business development goals for your organization. With an experience of generating more than 25000 SQM, FunnL is the fastest-growing B2B lead generation firm.


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