B2B Lead Generation Strategies During COVID-19 And Post COVID-19

B2B Lead Generation Strategies During COVID-19 And Post COVID-19

Businesses all over the world are struggling to generate B2B leads due to the COVID-19 outbreak. COVID-19 has not only impacted mankind but also has sent the entire global economy into recession. In this article, we will talk about the in-depth impact of COVID-19 on B2B lead generation. Further, we will also discuss the strategies for B2B leads generation during and after lockdown.

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on B2B lead generation:

The majority of running businesses are struggling to generate leads due to the delay of generic in-person activities. While the businesses are looking at technology to run their internal operations as smoothly as possible, they are not sure if their prospects will be open to closing a deal during these challenging times. It is a need of the hour to identify a winning sales pipeline that helps acquire new leads and close deals. We have listed some of the strategies that a business can adopt to improve their sales pipeline. These strategies will defy the idea that B2B lead generation is almost paused and so closing any business deal is out of the question. 

Following are some strategies, that will help you generate lead during and even post COVID-19:

Pitching at the right time

In order to be heard, personalization with the right amount of scalability is the order of the day. Ask and listen before you tell. Businesses should have true insight into their prospects. Rather than pitching every time, one should work on ascending engagement to be able to continue the conversations.

Inside sales campaign

The majority of businesses worldwide have found a method of boosting sales through Inside sales campaigns. These are campaigns where sales take place through phone, emails, or any digital means. These campaigns identify, nurture, and convert leads into clients. FunnL works through this idea of inside sales leading to sales qualified meetings.

Replacing F2F meetings with online/virtual meetings

The virtual meeting not only saves your traveling time but is also a cost-effective and efficient approach without having to compromise on the quality of the call. For many businesses, clients are scattered in different parts of the world making meeting in person a task.. Online/virtual meetings enable thorough interaction that F2F meetings allow ensuring all nonverbal cues are conveyed precisely. So, even when F2F meetings are not possible, you can still work on forging new relationships online.

Personalized email marketing

Email marketing is only effective when you target the right audience. It strengthens your bond by sending the right information to the right lead at the right time. Your business needs to reach the lead’s inbox with a highly chosen and personalized message.

The strategy that can help businesses generate leads during COVID-19 and post COVID-19:

The process of B2B lead generation remains unaffected during and post COVID-19, due to FunnL’s easy and vigilantly planned strategies and smooth operating system. FunnL begins by contemplating all the data analytics required to design, execute the sales lead generation campaign, and all the key metrics and KPIs associated with them in the best possible way. FunnL has its own all in one inside sales program which allows a business to track daily activity, schedule sales meetings on the sales champ’s calendar, gather insight on every completed meeting to pipeline view, and receive a customized report.

How FunnL’s framework help to generate sales qualified meetings even during the lockdown:

FunnL is not only an intuitive B2B Lead generation platform, but it also withholds success in generating sales qualified meetings. Every business model is based on balancing 2 key factors: cost per client acquisition and the ability to monetize these customers; FunnL thankfully maintains a perfect balance among these factors bringing a sigh of relief for businesses.

FunnL acts as an inside sales team for businesses with the ability to reach a wide range of audiences and build awareness. It functions by filtering the profitable leads and then scheduling meetings proving to be a trustable qualified lead generator. Further, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Businesses using this framework consider it to be the new normal. They are planning to further incline towards digital platforms post-COVID to save time and money. It is a smart decision to outsource with companies like FunnL who offer sales qualified meetings.

Following are the few more reasons to consider:

  • It saves a lot of time and increases productivity.
  • Such companies are multilateral experts. 
  • These companies let businesses focus on the things that have to be done in-house. 
  • These companies will also help a business review the result effectively with insights from various data-points.

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