B2B Businesses Should Know These Top 5 Cross-Channel Marketing Stats 


In 2021, spending on digital marketing increased by 9.57% compared to last year, says a report. [source] This clearly shows that to be successful in business today, you need to have a strong online presence.


But many companies don’t realize that having a website and social media accounts isn’t enough. You also need cross-channel marketing techniques to create a cohesive experience across all channels that reflects your brand voice and values.


And it’s no secret that cross-channel marketing has become increasingly crucial for businesses lately.


So, whether you’re new to cross-channel marketing or looking for ways to improve your strategy, check out these top five stats before you step in!


Top 5 Cross-Channel Stats That B2B Businesses Should Know


1. 93% of B2B businesses use email marketing


Email marketing has quickly become an essential part of any business-to-business (B2B) company’s online strategy, with 93% of B2B organizations reporting using this for distributing content. [source]


What’s even more remarkable is that in 2021, 64% of B2B marketers have indicated that their email campaigns have been highly effective in meeting the goals they set out to achieve. [source]


This impressive success is partially due to the fact that announcements about new products and features tend to have the highest click-through rate among other emails sent by B2B marketers. [source]


Additionally, automation within emails plays a pivotal role, helping businesses send triggered emails for segmentation, nurture campaigns, and even more! [source]


2. 95% of B2B businesses produce social media content


B2B marketers have fully embraced the power of social media. According to recent stats, 95% of B2B marketers produce content on social media platforms. [source]


Moreover, 75% of B2B organizations use social media marketing and advertising, and 3 out of every four buyers use this powerful medium when making a purchase too. [s1,s2]


Even more encouraging is that 62% of B2B organizations have seen a return on investment (ROI) from such marketing and advertising tools. [source


Increasingly, businesses recognize the benefit of deploying social media as an effective marketing strategy, and utilizing these platforms leads to greater success.


3. 60% of B2B buyers said mobile played a significant role in purchases


The numbers regarding mobile usage in B2B searches and purchases are staggering, with half of all B2B queries taking place on smartphones and 60% of buyers saying mobile had a significant impact on their recent purchase. [s1,s2]


Additionally, the impact cannot be underestimated, as researchers on a mobile device make up 42% of the purchase process, and 40% of revenue for leading B2B organizations is influenced by or derived from mobile activity. [s1,s2


So, it is clear that any business looking to stay competitive must include practical strategies to reach customers through this highly-used platform.


4. 80% of decision-makers want articles instead of ads


Content marketing is rising in the business-to-business sector, with 69% of organizations now employing this strategy. [source]


And 80% of people in decision-making positions have expressed a desire to be presented with articles instead of ads, further highlighting the relevance of quality content today. [source]


Moreover, 41% of those representing B2B organizations read several detailed pieces before engaging with a sales representative, and 60% say that content helps them make better decisions. [s1,s2]


Creative and informative content can drive a business to greater heights, and it’s time to take advantage!


5. 75% of B2B marketers say implementing video increases ROI


Videos have quickly become the go-to content source for modern B2B marketers, and it’s not hard to see why. Statistics show that an impressive 71% of these professionals produce videos, and an equally impressive 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch videos at different stages of the buying funnel. [s1, s2]


Many have found success with this method too! Over 83% of video marketers have reported that video helps with lead generation, and 62% believe video is more effective than any other type of content for converting qualified leads.[s1, s2]


For those in the B2B world, creating visually engaging videos is a powerful asset when acquiring customers.


As we wrap up, it’s important to remember that cross-channel marketing is a powerful tool for any business. By understanding and utilizing these five statistics, you can create a plan to effectively reach your target audience across all channels and increase your ROI.


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