An Inside Sales Team’s Top 8 Email Marketing Must-Knows

If you’re in charge of your company’s email marketing, chances are you’re always looking for ways to improve your results. After all, a successful email campaign can mean more leads and conversions for your business.


Sales teams are always looking for an edge. And when it comes to email marketing, having a well-oiled machine can make all the difference. So here are the top 8 email marketing tips your inside sales team needs to know. With these in mind, you’ll be able to take your campaigns to the next level and close more deals than ever before!


Top 8 Email Marketing Must-Knows


Regularly clean your mailing list


It’s tempting to send emails to as many individuals as possible to reach as many prospects as possible, but maintaining your least-engaged subscribers on your email list can destroy your open rate. So instead, regularly review your subscriber list for people who have yet to open your emails at a particular time and eliminate them. This provides you with a more precise email open rate. You can also set up a system where subscribers who don’t open your email for two weeks are switched to the weekly newsletter.


Give your email greetings a personal touch 


You may categorize your email audiences based on the sort of client they are, such as member, subscriber, user, and so on, but this should not be the first thing the readers see in your emails. For example, personalizing your email greetings by using your contacts’ first names immediately captures the attention of all your readers. 


Most email marketing tools enable you to design your email greetings to ensure that they automatically deliver with the names of the individuals on your contact list, so everyone gets a personalized rendition of the same email without having to do it manually.


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Mention the deal in the subject line


When you put an offer or an incentive in the subject line of your email, your open rates will skyrocket. Customer loyalty begins with casual industry knowledge, and the offer should be introduced only after fostering your relationship with the customers. Avoid bombarding your subscribers with emails about discounts or new products. Effective subject lines include “Free shipping on orders worth $10 or more” or “Get a free bag on orders worth $20 or more.”


Include a signature in your email


Even if your email is distributed to your contact list on the company’s behalf instead of a person’s, the email should have a specific person’s signature. As mentioned above, emails with a personal touch are more likely to be read, which increases engagement. In addition, people are more likely to read the email if they believe it was sent by a human being rather than a marketing team. The signature in your email is your admission ticket into their world.


Place the central message above the fold


The information displayed to the reader before scrolling down is “above the fold.” Above-the-fold information receives considerably more attention. Above the fold, insert your main message and CTA, an abbreviation for “call to action,” which pertains to the next step or action you want the reader to take. It will be the first thing your subscribers see when they open your email, enhancing your conversion rate.


For opt-ins, use autoresponders

Don’t be surprised if your subscribers forget after they sign up. Send an auto-responder to notify folks that they signed up for your email list. After the person registers, an auto-responder should be delivered one day later, five days later, and ten days later. Each such email should also offer bonus material to the readers in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter; otherwise, your readers may not feel compelled to opt-in.



Include your company’s logo


Whenever it comes to emails, logos are a requirement. Logos positively influence email engagement and brand recall as they increase open rates. In addition, logos help people know and trust you, increasing the likelihood that your email will be opened. As a result, including your company’s logo in the emails can help raise open rates. Keeping this in mind, incorporate your logo into the email design to guarantee it is constantly present.


Connect emails with landing pages 


The landing page should mirror the email in terms of title, text, and substance. In addition, the landing page’s style and experience should reflect your email’s appearance and vibe, as consistency builds trust. Simply use tracking tools to evaluate which landing pages and emails worked best to keep delivering what works.


Email marketing is a powerful tool that you must pay attention to. It has been around for a long time and is an effective way to reach your users. By using these tips for your email marketing, you can improve the effectiveness of all of your other marketing efforts.


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