Achieving Priorities and Solving Sales Enablement Challenges

sales emblement challenges


The sales enablement platform has already secured seats across various industries and businesses. The perks you obtain from this solution are hard to argue against – improved training, enhanced sales productivity, more wins, and whatnot. 


However, despite the potential for these gains, many sales teams are striving to get off on a solid footing. That’s obvious because numerous obstacles stand in your way when you embark on your sales enablement journey. Such roadblocks can impact your team, workflow, strategy, and, undoubtedly, your sales results.


3 Strategies to Solve Sales Enablement Challenges


1. Develop sales managers


Today’s sales representatives have a lot on their plates and simultaneously work with an increasing number of people in different functions. This dynamic and complex work routine can profoundly cause them to lose track. All they need is someone who can motivate and guide them. 


This is what sales managers are supposed to do. They are close enough to a seller’s work to understand their development and learning areas and are thus able to tailor their coaching to the seller’s unique situation. 


Their overall job is to put their team ahead by providing strategy, feedback, and encouragement. Unfortunately, although they are the key to the highest sales success, 66% of businesses don’t think their managers are qualified to coach sellers (source). This indicates that two-thirds of companies lack efficient sales managers. 


So, you can overcome today’s savvy competition by focusing your time and efforts on developing your managers. Therefore, provide your managers with the necessary resources to aid the sales team in achieving higher success.


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2. Build multi-talented sellers

In the past few years, we have seen an evolution in how sellers sell and buyers buy. But today, sellers need a good balance of soft and hard skills. In other words, they must possess all the sales competencies to close the deals. 


Your sellers shouldn’t just go in and pitch the product. They should engage in excellent sales conversations, thoroughly understand their customers’ businesses, be skilled negotiators, and establish connections with executives. Of course, you can only expect your sellers to exhibit some skills. 


Instead, they can strive to succeed in as many competencies as possible and be better than ever. If you want your business to have multi-skilled salespeople, focus on developing a sales force that can cover all the necessary tasks to close your deals.


3. Enhance sales productivity


You might have heard that a productive sales team is successful. However, did you know that average salespeople only spend one-third of their time selling, and the rest engage in other activities? (source). That means you need to employ practical tips to improve their productivity and help them save time to focus on selling. The more your sales team focuses on productivity, the better they will be at selling.


In other words, your sales crew is the foundation of your company, and increasing their productivity will be vital to increasing sales and driving revenue. So it’s understandable why increasing the sales productivity of the sales team is the second-highest priority of sales enablement leaders. So, if you want to boost sales, focusing on “high productivity” has to be your next move.




If you face any sales enablement challenges, you are not alone. The path to success will have its fair share of hurdles. The difference will lie in how you tackle those obstacles and what strategy you rely on to drive results and desired outcomes.


However, employing sales enablement platforms effectively can pave the way for reaching a wider audience and present you with numerous sales opportunities. The above three strategies will help you keep your sales teams on their A-game and make exciting deals to seal up.


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