Case Study

A people, process, technology consulting firm escalates their business by switching to FunnL’s lead generation program

The Customer

Global healthcare consulting and technology firm focused on helping hospitals optimize their workforce in the most fiscally responsible and efficient manner. Over the years, the company has helped organizations reduce labor expenses by millions of dollars while never reducing internal headcount. It improves organization’s efficiency and achieves fiscal responsibility through its best-in-class software and strategic workforce solutions. Driven by its,”people – process – technology” consulting belief, the firm blends Strategy and Technology, and their sustainable results are derived from years of input from global healthcare leaders. Sharing of challenges and successes around organizational need and the essential components hospital require to create exemplary outcomes, have driven their optimization evolution that execute strategy and guarantee results.

Decline in leads provokes the company to change their lead generation process

The marketing and sales team used different online marketing channels to engage with prospects, including pay per click, SEO, SCM by approaching different associated vendors where the average cost spent was ‘X’ and the ROI yield was ‘X/6’. This led to the decrease of sales and increase of expenditure, which made it hard for the marketing and sales team to align on which marketing channels and agencies they should pursue. Having executed their approach towards lead gen strategy which did not yield the expected results, they decided that email marketing is the one such platform which is cost effective. Consequently, the customer was looking for a b2b lead generation partner to generate sales leads through email marketing which made them align with FunnL.

FunnL helps the customer to increase ROI by 3X using Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

After conducting a detailed market study, understanding the lead qualification parameter for the customer in the mentioned markets. FunnL designed 3 major campaigns viz.

  • Health Care Organization (HCM) Campaigns focused on
    • Organization with revenue between USD 10 MN – 250 MN
    • Organization with revenue between USD 251 MN – 500 MN
    • Targeting profiles Director of patient services
  • Dialysis Campaign
    • Campaigns to target Operations Profile – COO/VP/EVP/AVP/Sr. Dir.
    • Campaigns to target Administration Profile – CAO/VP/EVP/AVP/Sr. Dir.
    • Campaigns to target Human Resource/Staffing Profile – CMO/CHRO/CNO/VP/EVP/AVP/Sr. Dir.
  • Hospitals Campaign
    • Hospitals with number of beds between 50 – 200
    • Hospitals with number of beds between 200 – 300
    • Hospitals with number of beds between 300 – 500
    • Hospitals with number of beds between 500 and above

The customer needed to explore potential opportunities in the following market:

  • Connecticut
  • Tennessee
  • New Mexico
  • California
  • Mississippi

Campaign Management and Optimization

  • All the campaigns were on an average of 8 months.
  • FunnL was able to pump in 85 leads into the customer sales pipeline from all the campaigns.
  • Sales champ at the customer were able to meet with the decision makers in operations, technology, staffing areas with a context for discussion and also exploring potential avenues how the customer can help its clients in workforce optimization.
  • The customer was not only able to close Deals with FunnL leaDs but they also consulted their clients in the specific domain.
  • Forecasting the number of leads for the coming months based on the analytical reports sent by FunnL was made easy.
  • The customer did not need to spend any extra buck on branding as the Personalized Email marketing served the purpose.

Results Driven by FunnL Personalized Email Marketing

As a result of FunnL’s campaign management strategy, Customer has seen a 3X increase in lead numbers. A healthy sales pipeline during the campaign cycle was developed and the customer was able to analyze the appropriate strategy to consume and nurture the leads. This enabled them in decision making and forecast for future enlargement of the company as email marketing helping them in saving them the budget and increase the profits.

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