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Use our AI and manual filters to get contacts and companies that precisely match your buyer profile.

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Our ChatGPT assisted automation tool will help you draft compelling sales messages and automate the outreach.

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Start your campaign instantaneously, and track,  analyze your campaigns with our real-time analytics dashboard.

Discover Your Perfect Leads 

Leverage over our Ai and manual filters to uncover contacts and companies that precisely match your buyer profile.


Vital Information

Obtain essential details such as email addresses, phone numbers, and technology usage, providing valuable insights to kickstart your conversations.


Real-Time Data Verification 

With Funnl’s real-time email verification, rest assured that you’re connecting with genuine and qualified leads consistently.

Email and Calling Integrated

Obtain mobile and direct dial phone numbers for your prospects, enabling direct and effective communication.


Human Verified

Funnl.ai offers prospects data actively engaged in campaigns. Accurate data, increases the likelihood of receiving a response. 

People at FunnL work 100s of hours, so that you don't have to

In today’s digital landscape, it’s effortless to scrape millions of contacts and sell access to a database without considering accuracy. However, at Funnl.ai, we believe in a different approach. We understand the challenges of building a valid prospecting list that seamlessly integrates with your sales tools, allowing you to generate new leads instantly.


Data accuracy is our top priority at Funnl.ai, setting us apart from other prospecting companies. We are proud to be the only company that offers a remarkable accuracy guarantee of 95% or higher. With our commitment to valid data, you can trust that the prospecting list we provide will deliver exceptional results for your business.


Discover more about Funnl.ai’s unwavering dedication to valid data and how it can revolutionize your lead generation strategies.  Schedule a demo to learn more.

100% Human Curated Data

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Intelligent B2B sales prospecting platform


Employee database and sales automation tools


CRM and sales management tools

Automated sales campaigns

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Purchase prospects data

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Curated contacts of B2B decision makers from live campaigns

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Price per contact



Does not provide contacts

Price per license/month




(includes 200 FREE contacts)

(Minimum pack of 5 licenses required for $450)

OpenAI ChatGPT powered campaign messaging

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AI recommended best-fit prospects

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Outsourced Sales Lead Generation Services

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Ease of use

10 minutes to sign up and start using

Requires customized pricing and installation

Requires customized pricing and installation

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FunnL’s ADVANCED TOOLS Empower You to Reach Your Ideal Buyers 

Equip yourself with powerful tools to connect directly with your target audience

Get Prospects


Effortlessly build highly targeted prospect lists with pinpoint precision.
Lead Quality

Email Verification

Ensure the authenticity of your leads in real-time, guaranteeing genuine and valuable contacts.

Modify Industry Focus

Data Enrichment

Augment your existing data with advanced enrichment techniques, maximizing its value and effectiveness.


Bulk Lookup

Efficiently acquire thousands of leads at once, streamlining your prospecting process.

Get AI-Generated Prospects

Email Finder

Discover email addresses based on company or URL, expanding your reach and connection possibilities. 

Chat GPT Assisted

Omni Channel

Follow up seamlessly with an integrated ChatGPT assisted emailing and calling system for greater sales success. 


Company Dossier

Before a call, salespeople must grasp the client’s organization and needs. Our system provides comprehensive, up-to-date info on prospects, including profiles, leadership, news, and more. 


Campaign driven data

Funnl.ai stands out as the sole provider offering data on prospects actively engaged in campaigns. With no redundant data, using funnl.ai increases the likelihood of receiving a response.


Flexible credits

Unused credits carry forward to future use. We offer refunds for email bounces.

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