8 Most Valuable Tips for Personalized Email Marketing

personalized email marketing

Personalized email marketing is one of the best one-on-one marketing strategies. In an email, this means subdividing your data into different categories to provide more custom-made content and to create a better connection with every client receiving your email. It is a common strategy that marketers use to connect with their prospects. When your emails land in the inboxes, they should drive the reader to click on them and open them.

Importance of Personalized Email Marketing

Personalized email marketing is essential because people want to be looked upon as individuals. Gone are the days when one-sized messages were used to fit all the prospective clients (survey). Personalized emails can grab the attention within the inbox as highly relevant, custom-made material. These emails increase the chances of being opened and clicked on. Personalized emails boost customer experiences by sending the right content to people at the right time.

8 Effective Strategies for Email Personalization

Gather relevant information

Personalizing your emails requires researching your customers. To create applicable content, you need to know who your customers are and how to serve them most efficiently. Asking is the best way to find out this information. If you don’t want to ask for so much information that it irritates your recipients, you can select particular questions that will help you better serve your customers. 

Segment your list

Once you’ve gathered all your information about your leads, you can then divide your contacts into groups. You can differentiate your contacts into various segments, including demographics, customer type, and location. For instance, Check out the email from Dillard’s (DDS). All the models in the email are women. What’s clear about this form of personalization is that it is so simple. Gender is one of many ways you can segment your emails.

Focus and create quality over quantity

You should be cautious of how many segments your recipients embrace at once. You don’t want to oppress your recipients with too many emails or oppress yourself with too many segments to nurture and manage. Test what segments and emails your recipients respond best to in stages so you don’t burden the inbox with dozens of emails. Focus on quality and not quantity.

Craft compelling subject lines

The subject line is your email’s first impression, so it’s crucial to make it compelling. Personalize your subject lines by including the recipient’s name, location, or other relevant information to capture their attention and encourage them to open the email. A well-crafted subject line can significantly impact your open rates and the success of your email campaigns.

Personalize beyond the name

While addressing recipients by name is a basic personalization form, true personalization goes beyond that. Utilize the data you’ve collected about your subscribers to tailor the content, product recommendations, and offers in your emails to match their preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior. The more personalized your emails are, the more likely they resonate with your audience and drive conversions.

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Automate where possible

Automation allows you to streamline your email marketing efforts by setting up automated workflows triggered by specific actions or events. For example, you can automate welcome emails for new subscribers, abandoned cart reminders for customers who leave items in their shopping cart, or birthday offers for subscribers celebrating their birthdays. Automation saves time and resources while ensuring timely and relevant communication with your audience.

Focus on behavior

One of the best ways to personalize your emails is to look at their behavior. Setting up automated nurtures for beneficiaries who are engaged or not at all engaged is a very helpful way of organizing your email campaigns and reaching prospective buyers.

Subscriber tags

Subscriber tags let you send personal calls to action in your email content and activate emails. You can tag subscribers based on their choices, like visiting a particular page on your site, clicking on a link you send, and more. Then, write emails that will only be sent to beneficiaries with matching tags. This approach is time-efficient because you can segment all your workflows through just one email.

Utilize the strength of landing pages

Personalized emails may increase your opening rates. However, the end goal is to improve the conversion rate, which is to convert readers into customers. So, you need to utilize the strength of your landing pages. The link to the landing page should be included in your emails so they have a place to go. You have to be assured that your emails have relevant landing pages.


Personalized emailing is the simplest and most efficient way to generate leads. However, it only drives results if you take the right approach. You can also build relationships with your prospects at mass by sending them unique content that they love and continue to engage with.

FunnL – A B2B Lead Generation Company has been successfully generating sales-qualified meetings using personalized email with the right approach as a part of its framework. Using the right strategy, FunnL today is the fastest-growing platform to generate successful sales meetings and has generated more than 10,000 leads for about 100 companies. Keeping the sales time on point with the prospective leads and ensuring a high engagement level are among the main reasons for FunnL’s success.


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