8 Lead Generation Hacks to Get Business Leads in 2024

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The success of any business relies heavily on having a consistent flow of qualified leads. Without potential customers genuinely interested in your products or services, your business growth will stop, and capturing a larger market share will become challenging.


High-quality leads are a critical part of sales and marketing teams. To help you get business leads and make 2024 your most successful year, we have created eight valuable hacks to get business leads. Implementing these strategies will significantly boost your efforts, giving you more business leads.


In this blog will discuss eight lead-generation hacks to get business leads. Also, we’ll be able to provide real-life examples to show how these strategies are implemented in practical situations.


8 Lead Generation Strategies to Get Business Leads


Hack 1 – Write Problem-Solving Blogs


Blogs that aim to solve a problem can be a good strategy to attract and engage with your target audience. Write in-depth and SEO-optimized content. Address your potential customer’s issues and challenges. Add a call-to-action (CTA) in each blog to get the most out of your blogs. This will encourage readers and generate leads.


A CTA motivates your audience to take action that matches your business goals. It could involve inviting readers to try your SaaS tool for free, download a relevant checklist, or sign up for a newsletter. Including CTAs in your blog posts can guide your readers toward further interactions with your brand.

Hack 2 – Try Podcast


To get business leads, consider starting a podcast. Try collaborating with someone from your team or invite a guest host. This can bring fresh perspectives and diverse expertise to the podcast, attracting a wider audience and building valuable relationships within the industry. During the podcast, engage your listeners and provide them with useful resources. For example, at the end of an episode, please ensure you have a complete guide on the topic we discussed. You can encourage listeners to download the guide by sharing a URL in the show notes. By offering this resource, you can encourage them to share their contact details, enabling you to generate leads organically and effectively.

Hack 3 – Offer a Free Demo


SaaS companies often ask you to schedule a call to get a product demo. Most potential customers prefer to avoid a demo. That’s where the on-demand demo comes in. It’s a highly effective lead-generation hack, attracting customers actively seeking solutions. Check the demo landing page for a live example. Book a Demo for Free Leads


The on-demand demo should address the problems your product can solve, showcase the user experience, and provide social proof. Concluding with a clear and easily understandable call-to-action (CTA) is very important.


Following these steps, you can establish trust in your product while generating new leads.

Hack 4 – Create Well-Timed Popups


Popups have a negative reputation due to their interference with the browsing experience. But, strategically timed popups with pertinent messages can increase your conversion rate significantly. This applies to converting site visitors into leads, as well as converting leads into customers. To explain better, rather than having a popup immediately appear when a visitor arrives on your page, it is more effective to time it to display after scrolling to a certain point.


Ensure that your offer is highly relevant to the specific visitor. For example, if they read a blog post about email marketing, you can create a popup that appears when they reach a particular point of scroll, providing them with a checklist for drafting their email.

Hack 5 – Create a Referral Program


Referral programs motivate customers to refer more potential customers to your business. You can offer a discount in exchange for recommending your product or service to others. Make sure to provide an easy sharing process for customers to succeed. By giving specific referral links, you can leverage the power of referral marketing to benefit your business.

Hack 6 – Create Video Content


The majority of consumers have a strong desire for brands to produce more video content. A significant percentage of businesses have recognized the potential of video as a powerful marketing tool. Most digital marketers are adding videos to their digital and email marketing strategies. Across various platforms, such as social media and websites, you will come across multiple video formats, including webinars, live streams, and how-to videos. Videos can attract a larger audience, foster increased engagement, and significantly get business leads when utilized effectively.

Hack 7 – Use a Live Chat Software


Actively engaging with your customers plays a big part in delivering exceptional customer service. Addressing their problems can positively impact lead generation. One effective method to do this is by adding a live chat feature on your website. This will allow prospects and customers to interact and learn about your brand offerings. Customers prefer purchasing from websites that offer live chat support because it helps them to clear their doubts. Live chat has been proven to enhance lead-generation efforts by improving response times for website visitors and increasing sales. Many live chat software tools leverage advanced chatbot technology to deliver a superior customer experience.


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Hack 8 – Update your Website


If your website lacks attractiveness, has a confusing navigation system, and fails to provide a satisfactory user experience, users will not be inclined to interact with your content. Ultimately, your website should have a contemporary appearance and function in a way that aligns with people’s expectations.


Pro Hack: To run a successful lead generation campaign, it is important to have the actual email addresses of the key decision-makers you want to reach out to. Funnl provides exceptionally accurate B2B contact information, including email addresses, specifically designed for lead generation purposes. Take the opportunity to give Funnl a try today.


In this blog, we have talked about various ways to get business leads. Some hacks are commonly used, while others are unique. It’s important to remember that you may not be able to implement all of these proven lead generation strategies at a time to get business leads. Start with selecting the ones that are most effective for your specific target audience.


But how can you decide which methods work best? The key is to track the right metrics, particularly conversion rates. By monitoring how many leads turn into paying customers, you can identify which methods bring in the most successful results.

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