6 Ways to Help Your B2B sales force Go Digital in the Age of Social Distancing

6 Ways to Help Your B2B sales force Go Digital in the Age of Social Distancing

It is estimated that by 2025, more than half of the sales deals will be performed online or virtually. Up until recent years, inside sales was considered as an extension to the traditional sales process but now the tables have turned. Inside sales has become a full-fledged separate department in most companies. Reason- it yields better revenues through optimization of technology combined with selling techniques without the hassles of traveling to meet prospective clients.

Operating an efficient inside sales division requires consistent training of executives and use of cutting-edge technology for lead acquisition and communication. Utilizing the latest technology to interact with your buyer persona will leave them impressed and interested in doing business with your firm. Below are the 6 effective ways that can help you digitize your sales force.

  • CRM

No inside sales platform is complete without an efficient Customer Relationship Management software. CRM tools help to make your clients feel assisted and connected as well as help you manage and track tasks as per their requirements. From identifying leads, initiating conversations to nurturing, follow up, and closing, CRM is needed at every stage of inside sales. You can learn more about the sales CRM here.

  • Virtual sales meetings

Virtual meetings are now being conducted between the prospects and sales reps to discuss products and services. Various tools such as online demos, webinars, web conferencing, etc., are used by the reps to convince the prospective buyers and finalize the sales deals online.

  • Social media Marketing

B2B companies are now becoming more visible on social media which will lead to enhanced brand awareness. Also, there are good chances of turning the followers into prospects and ultimately buyers. It may take some time, but social media is a great way to amplify your market reach.

  • Online content management (SEO)

If your content is informational and relevant to your prospects, you’ve won half the battle. A well-written article not only garners more traffic to your website, but it also provides you access to more leads who visit your site. 

  • LinkedIn Lead generation

LinkedIn is a great tool for inside sales to generate B2B leads online as more and more professionals are joining LinkedIn. You can send connection requests to prospects, and once they accept them, you can initiate business-related conversations. Further, You can also engage your target audience with relevant ads and content. 

  • E-mail marketing

Talking about inbound sales digitalization is incomplete if we don’t mention the importance of e-mail marketing. It is the most professional way of handling communications with prospects. E-mails are a great tool to inform the prospects about your company and its product-related offers. Also, they are highly cost-effective as compared to other social media tools. Generating and nurturing leads through personalized email marketing is a foolproof formula to boost your lead generation process.

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