6 Underestimated Lead Generation Tricks

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Many award-winning lead generation agencies use the 6 tricks we will discuss in this article. Most of the industry underestimates these, but these strategies can be your winning shot and help you generate leads for your sales team. Many of these tools and tricks revolve around finding ways to increase the lead at the top of your marketing funnel, whether it’s increasing social media reach, lead list size, or any other marketing feature.


6 Proven Lead Generation Strategies That Work


Let’s go through these 6 underestimated lead generation tricks you should follow to make your B2B lead generation efforts more effective.


1. Network more efficiently with followerwonk


Followerwonk is a Twitter networking tool that helps you find other Twitter users with particular interests, graded by popularity. Followerwonk’s segmenting and ranking features are very helpful because they dependably place the appropriate industry influencers at the top of the rankings, so you can quickly assemble a list of 10 or 15 primary people you’d like to connect with. The best part is that you can contact them directly from the tool. If you’re just interested in building followers, you can search for the people who follow the most people and then follow them from


Followerwonk. This is effective and efficient because these people will likely follow you back. Increasing your social media reach is a fantastic way to get noticed on the lead-generating content you share on Twitter.


2. Make sure your social media presence leverages lead-capture forms


Never forget to include lead-capture forms on your social media profiles. This is the most common mistake people ought to make. Your motive should be clear: Some social media updates must convince your fans and followers to land pages on your site and refer back to your content offers.


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You can also use marketing automation software to track and handle your posts. If you use interactive posts, that means you are engaging followers. To maximize that engagement, you need to capitalize on the potential of automation.


3. Webinar funnels


Webinars offer a powerful platform for showcasing your expertise and building trust with your audience. By hosting educational webinars on topics relevant to your industry, you can attract prospects who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


Use webinar registration forms to collect attendee information and follow up with personalized emails after the event to nurture leads and drive conversions.


4. Get B2B leads from Quora Q&As


Quora is a question-and-answer forum and community for intellectuals to voice their viewpoint. Using content to educate buyers and answer questions is an old trick. But the difficulties that most B2B marketers face when using Quora are:


1. Getting the right content in front of buyers.
2. Finding questions that buyers are asking

Here’s the solution to solve both of these problems. To begin with, create a list of potential questions to answer. Search Quora for relevant competitor names and topics. Look at the “Related Questions” links. If you’re targeting search keywords, look for questions on the first page of Google for those keywords.


Once done, prioritize the list of questions by relevance, number of views and followers, and Google prominence. Write answers to the top three questions on your list. Ask your team and friends to upvote your answers. Don’t downvote others’ answers, and don’t use bots or mechanical Turk. Make sure your answers are relevant, informative, insightful, and valuable.


These answers are your content. Be thoughtful while writing them. Furthermore, try to find a way to include a link to your company’s website in your answers. Most people don’t mind adding your company if you offer value. Constantly answering questions that add value will increase your traffic while making you noticeable.


5. Personalized email marketing


A personalized email is still an effective strategy. By personalizing email, don’t just personalize the name but instead focus on other aspects. For instance, subject lines play an important role. Subject lines should differ from industry to industry, audience to audience, etc.


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You’ll have to run your own tests to find the efficient ones. Further, don’t forget to add subscriber tags. Subscriber tags let you send personal CTAs in your email content. Lastly, understand what your readers are interested in. Start personalizing your emails by recommending actions based on a reader’s past ones. You have to make sure that your recipients stay engaged.


Platforms like FunnL have aced the art of email marketing and generated around 1000 leads. They know the art of nurturing leads through personalized email marketing well enough.


Provide Special Offers to Your Unegaged Email Recipients


Build a mailing list of people who haven’t responded to your last five emails, and then send them a special offer asking what they’re looking for but haven’t seen. This will help you get valuable feedback and advice and generate leads from prospects who were otherwise unresponsive. Consider this a customized lead nurturing campaign for an unresponsive set of leads.


6. Build a list of high-quality B2B leads(Instead of buying)


Buying a list of leads is like sending scripted emails without any personalization. You may feel like you’re saving time but just wasting your time. Ben Lack, CEO of Interrupt Media, said, “One of the best ways to build a list of high-quality B2B leads is to get visibility into who’s visiting your website.” Suppose you have information about someone at a company viewing certain pages on your website.


In that case, you have a better chance of sending a personalized message to them to begin a conversation. Closing B2B leads requires applicable information and high levels of personalization. Alas, purchased lists fail to provide both of these aspects. They’re outdated when you get them or hardly provide any information. So, build your own instead of buying a list of B2B leads.


Pro Tip: Content upgrades


Content upgrades play a crucial role in capturing leads by providing additional value. These upgrades, such as downloadable e-books, comprehensive guides, or bonus video tutorials, entice visitors to take the next step in their buyer’s journey. This strategy effectively converts them into leads, making content upgrades a valuable addition to your lead generation techniques.


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Some of these tricks might sound obvious, or you’re already practicing them. Nonetheless, every marketer knows that one-size-fits-all does not work, especially in the B2B market. Like FunnL, you can keep this list handy and refer to it when your current strategy isn’t working. Press “Ctrl” + “D“ and bookmark this link for future reference. Or, check out how FunnL generates Sales Qualified Meetings (SQM) for its clients on the process page.


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