6 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Marketing Qualified Meetings

[Banner[ 6 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Marketing Qualified Meetings

The quality of the MQM meeting is important for many reasons: it’s an opportunity to learn about potential customer’s needs and concerns, it provides insight into what customers want to buy more products/services from this company, and it also helps create a better customer experience which will ultimately lead them back again in the future.

If you’re generating enough MQMs but not seeing conversions, it may be time to look at your marketing qualified meeting strategy. Marketing Qualified Meetings are meetings between your marketing reps and potential customers that have been contacted through marketing efforts (such as email campaigns) and are qualified for the opportunity based on their level of interest in what you offer. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 6 tips to increase the quality of MQM so that they produce more revenue for your business!

Before we jump into the improvisation tips, here are the quick pointers on MQM.

An introductory guide to conducting MQMs:

  • If you’re not meeting with the prospect within a week of their initial contact, they may forget about your company and call someone else. So keep in touch!
  • Start by providing information that is relevant to the potential customer’s needs – this will help establish credibility as well as encourage engagement.
  • When preparing for marketing qualified meetings, it’s important to do research on the prospect and create a marketing qualified meeting script.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone is looking for the same thing – so always ask questions!
  • When conducting your MQM, make sure you are asking open-ended questions about their work habits or specific concerns they may have with their current levels and/or sources of revenue. By associating your service as a one-for-all solution with their list of pain points, it is more likely for the MQM to end on a positive note.

You can know more about the basics of MQMs here, and how they are different from MQLs.

Six Tips to Improve Your MQMs:

  1. Ensure that your MQM is a modular portion of your marketing funnel. Since MQM is ideally conducted after a lead has been marketing-qualified, ensuring that your marketing funnel can be modularly scaled to your requirement is a fundamental prerequisite for effective marketing qualified meetings. While there are various pre-existing templates, nothing works as efficiently as a fully personalized funnel.
  2. Structure your MQMs. Whether it is to qualify the prospect or determine if they are a good fit, MQMs should be set up with a specific objective that you can measure as success. The indicator often ends up being a confirmed sale, and in turn, ends up being a KPI for the host business.
  3. Synchronize your sales and marketing teams. Marketing qualified meetings are the bridge that your leads use to transition from being handled by your marketing team to being handled by your sales team. By keeping communication open and transparent between both departments, the chances of errors and misunderstandings are greatly reduced. Does this help increase the quality of your MQMs? Definitely! The prospect is looking for reasons to get in business with you, but also reasons to not. By providing them with a good experience before and after an MQM, you are reassuring the prospect of how seriously you take customer service to be.
  4. Keep in mind that there is a cost associated with marketing qualified meetings, so make sure you are using them effectively. The goal should be to qualify prospects and determine if they are interested in you as a business.
  5. When in marketing qualified meetings, there will be a few prospects that are not interested in what you have to offer. This is normal and expected, but make sure you do not ignore them because they may just need more time or information at this point. Keeping their decisions clear is their priority, and helping them by nudging them along their thought process should be yours.
  6. It’s important to keep your MQM concise by only talking about the benefits for the prospect. Always leave with an action step so that it can lead towards converting into a sale or appointment later on down the line. Templating your sessions with personalized intentions helps you plan your sessions quicker and cheaper. This is why MQMs are being considered to be the new CTA for B2B marketers!

All of the above are possible with the help of FunnL. FunnL is a global pioneer in B2B lead generation and qualification services. With the help of revolutionary artificial intelligence-assisted technology and 25,000+ successful qualified meetings conducted, our team of experts is here to help you! You can contact us here for any inquiries you may have.


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