6 Brilliant reasons to outsource B2B lead generation

As competition is getting bigger day by day, the need to gain market share becomes more and more important. For successful business growth, you need to generate leads, call prospects, nurture relationships, keep up with your social media, and develop a great website. Also, you need to focus on different B2B lead generation strategies that will generate the most chances for your business to grow. 

According to CSO Insights, 61% of marketers say generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges and 68% of businesses report struggling with Lead Generation. So, what exactly does outsourcing B2B lead generation look like, and why should your business want to do it?

Why Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation?

Companies across various industries have heard of outsourcing lead generation; however, they are not exactly sure what it is or what are the benefits of outsourced lead generation service. B2B lead generation as a service is the delivery of lead generation by an expert that specializes in sales and marketing activities that generate leads.

By outsourcing B2B lead generation you will get a reliable lead generation system that will not only save you time, but it can also boost your sales. 

Here are our 6 brilliant reasons why a business needs to outsource B2B lead generation.

  • Focus on the easier task
    As an organization maintaining your marketing team involves a lot of energy. All the new employees need the training to ensure that they can communicate your message to your prospects. By outsourcing your B2B lead generation allows you to focus on other priorities like planning the marketing campaign, focusing on core offerings and values.
  • Realize your full potential
    “Lack of resources such as staff, funding, and time remains the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation efforts for 61% of B2B marketers”, according to BrightTalk. Outsourcing enables you to grow your business faster than utilizing your internal resources.
    Companies with a limited budget cannot afford to hire the sales and marketing staff to generate leads. By outsourcing your lead generation, a team of experts will help you in your company’s growth.
  • Talk to those who matter
    If you have been involved in cold-calling, you know how hard it is and it offers low returns. Instead of reaching out to many different people, connect with those who are ready to talk about your products and services.
    Further, not all salespeople have the same talent. Some are great at finding new prospects, some are great at nurturing them, and some are great at closing. It is rare to get someone who is excellent at all three. Therefore, what would you prefer – finding new leads or closing existing ones?
    FunnL can be your outsourced B2B lead generation team that would generate a good number of leads monthly, qualify them, and then schedule a meeting with your sales team.
  • Get real-time data
    Companies that have been performing for a while, feel that they have reached every prospective client various times and followed up with old contacts again and again, so there is always a need to rearrange and add some new. It’s high time that the companies need to strengthen their existing market data with new contacts and update their dispositions. Dedicated B2B Lead generation companies always update their data in real-time.
  • Have the right technology
    The marketing team needs phones, computers, and more importantly, they need the right software to track calls and leads. But when you work with an outsourced lead generation team, they’ll come provided with the software that they need to do the job and provide critical feedback for your target audience. 
  • Details about prospects
    Outsourcing your B2B lead generation allows you to gather necessary data about prospects that include their needs and preferences which helps you customize the value of your service or product to meet their needs or interests when your sales team contacts the prospect.

It is essential to note that a team of outsourced lead development experts are only one part of a successful strategy. For best results, utilize them as part of an integrated marketing approach – building marketing automation, nurture campaigns, and data services–all to support lead generation efforts that reach your respective market.

The only question is, which team will you choose to outsource your B2B lead generation? At FunnL, we understand our customers are unique and have unique requirements. Our engagement models are designed to be flexible, efficient, and cost-saving. Not only that our team has a cumulative experience of generating more than 10,000 sales-qualified meetings.

Contact us today to discover how outsourcing your B2B Lead Generation can help your business.


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