5 Things To Know When Generating Leads With Inbound Marketing

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One of the most economical strategies for generating leads for your company is still inbound marketing. Instead of going out and looking for customers, an inbound marketing strategy focuses on bringing the customers to you. Its promotion strategies offer business owners several benefits at a negligible expense. 


This can be accomplished in multiple ways but is typically accomplished by using techniques and approaches to attract customers with solid branding, excellent content, and a relatable and reliable business personality.


What Is Inbound Marketing?


With various forms of optimized content targeted at particular phases of the buyer’s journey, inbound marketing enables businesses to draw in their potential clients. For instance, businesses use social media content, blog posts, podcasts, and videos to increase online brand recognition and help potential customers get to know their company.


The term ‘inbound marketing’ was first coined by Hubspot in 2006. Additionally, Hubspot highlighted three ways to apply inbound marketing methodology to target people. The three ways are,

  • Attract – to draw potential peoples’ attention through necessary strategies,
  • Engage – to make connections with them by knowing and understanding their pain points,
  • Delight – to turn them into buyers by offering solutions to their problems.

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Consider These 5 Things While Generating Leads via Inbound Marketing


1. Content speaks first


Indeed, it does! Content marketing is the technique of creating and conveying informative and helpful content about your company, products, or services to your potential customers. It is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. 


The following ways you can walk on to make the best out of it:

  • Visit your top competitors’ websites, especially those that perform well in search for the keywords your company targets, to find ideas for your inbound content library.
  • Use a variety of content styles, such as blog posts, infographics, ebooks, checklists, and webinars. Develop lead magnets and host your content on a website resource page.
  • Make a more thorough content resource incorporating the terms, information, and solutions your customers often browse.
  • You can share links to landing pages, embed an email sign-up form, link to your blog, and more. A resource page is a terrific all-purpose page to generate leads because it provides even more alternatives for your content marketing than a specialized lead magnet.

2. Everyone is on social media


Isn’t it? All lead-generation businesses appreciate the lead-generating method on social media. So, how is this helpful?


  • Producing content like long-form posts, engaging videos, and audio chats and sharing it on social media platforms helps people learn more about your company’s products and services. This can help you reach your marketing and branding goals.
  • In your updates, stories, and direct messages, you can also utilize every social networking site to advertise blog entries and other essential content from your website. In addition, it supports generating new leads and traffic from social media.
  • Running paid social media campaigns is another social media marketing method to turn your followers into sales-qualified leads.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn advertising to promote your content and drive visitors to your landing pages. Determine your lead generation ad budget based on your overall conversion rate and each customer’s value to your business.

In short, digital advertising services offer fantastic targeting options and are significantly less expensive than traditional advertising.


3. Videos never fail


Because people love visual content! Simply posting a video on platforms like YouTube can generate a staggering amount of leads. After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine, with 3 billion monthly searches. 


Video content is an excellent inbound marketing tactic because it:

  • improves social engagement,
  • beats language barrier,
  • promotes SEO,
  • grows credibility,
  • boosts conversions.

People watch your videos more frequently once you start consistently posting content with reliable and beneficial information, which may result in more traffic becoming potential leads. Videos are getting more popular and acceptable with each passing day. Therefore,

  • 86% of marketers use it as an effective marketing tool.
  • After the outbreak of COVID-19, 91% of marketers feel that video content is one of the best chances to promote brands.

4. Strong CTAs always work


Let them take action! Every piece of content you create, whether on your blog, emails, or social media, should have one compelling call to action (CTA). Relevant CTAs can lead potential consumers through your sales funnel.


Start with blog posts that build brand recognition by introducing your company, products, and services to your target audience. Ending it with an appropriate CTA that entices visitors to call or schedule an appointment should be included.


5. Lead generation forms should be short


And simple! If you want to get the most leads, you should include only the most essential fields in your form and make it short. You may have seen landing pages with one email address. That’s all! That is what you need! Since clients prefer to fill out short forms, this can be ideal for lead generation businesses with a large target market.


If you want to learn a little more about the lead, you should add a few more fields by which you can produce more qualified leads. 


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Summing up, only one or two strategies are insufficient to generate leads with inbound marketing. You must coordinate all of these strategies to achieve the best results when converting website traffic into repeat customers. Targeting people who are already looking for your product or service to address their problem is genuinely possible in inbound marketing.


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